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Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning's Call To Action is about Keeping the Faith

Often, religion offers much that progressives need to build movements for change. READ MORE

After all, we need to understand that by taking the Holy Bible and/ or whatever book we call Holy-- to literally then we do more than just handcuff our God/Gods/Whatever--we also handcuff ourselves and our futures and worse we destroy tolerance and love. 

In addition, if we delude ourselves into believing that we already have all the answers then we don't have any reason to advance Science, Mathematics and History and/or any other forms of knowledge. After all, closed minds are not easily taught.;postID=3006290236828183727

At the root of the healthcare controversy are two different conceptions of America. READ MORE

WHAT WE REALLY NEED TO DO IS TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE--IF We Really and Truly Searched Our OWN Hearts and Souls, We Would find that The Real Reasons That Too Many Of Us Americans Are Threatened By

ObamaCare is that we want others to follow our own concepts of Religion as we do. The True Evil of ObamaCare is--Dare I Say It--Tolerance!!!!! It Forces Us To Be Our Brother's and Our Sister's Keeper EVEN IF THEY DO NOT LIVE AS WE DO OR BELIEVE AS WE DO. WHAT IS WORSE, IT CHALLENGES THE DELUSION THAT WE WORK HARDER THAN EVERY ONE ELSE SO WE DESERVE MORE THAN EVERY ONE ELSE.

After all, too many bosses, God only knows how many--have all kinds of 'tricks' they can play to get out of paying employees and if they are Filled Enough with the Holy Spirit, then they can not only justify, but also Sanctify the Use and Abuse of Employees as if it is for a Greater Good--Their Bottom Line.

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Dear Reader, I am passing this on because the first step of love of our fellow Human is tolerance.  We are indeed all Created Equal with the Equal Right to be Free to Be Ourselves;  So for anyone who has yet to sign, Please Do Consider it; AFTER  ALL--JESUS DID NOT CALL US TO BECOME BULLIES--which all goes back to the Casting Crown song--"JESUS, FRIEND OF SINNERS"--WHICH WE CHRISTIANS SHOULD TRULY  MEDITATE ON:--BUT FIRST-->

Please join the efforts of over 10,000 people and help give LGBT students basic civil rights by signing the petition below.

A staggering nine of ten LGBT students are bullied at school, yet these students and those associated with them are not legally protected from discrimination. Urge Congressional Republicans and Mitt Romney to support the Student Non-Discrimination Act so LGBT students can finally have the basic civil liberties that every other citizen already has.

When one third of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth have attempted suicide, it is undeniable that a change needs to be made. Federal law should not exclude LGBT students from basic civil rights, making these children vulnerable to harassment and violence.
Tell Congress to enact the Student Non-Discrimination Act, because every group of Americans deserves to be protected from discrimination—especially in the classroom.


Thanks for taking action!


P.S. I know I am suppose to e-mail this but the only ones that I have e-mail addresses to are my sons and they do not like me e-mailing them all the time--so I blog instead--this is my e-mail list and my active facebook page and Mixxingbowl that I miss so very much.