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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Calls To Action Part II

Democrats propose limits on online ammo sales

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, left,and Sen. Frank Lautenberg announce legislation to restrict online and mail-order ammunition sales.Washington (CNN) -- Two Democratic lawmakers took on the hot-button political issue of gun control Monday, introducing legislation that would effectively ban online ammunition sales.
Longtime gun control advocates Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-New Jersey, and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-New York, introduced the bill that they said would prevent buyers from purchasing unlimited quantities of ammunition through the Internet or through the mail. The bill would also require ammunition dealers to report bulk ammo sales to law enforcement. READ MORE
A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! After all, who really needs to buy that much ammo at once??? No one who is doing anything that is legal, like hunting, unless they are that bad of a shot.

And More Help Is Needed Here--Thank You For Your Time and Consideration->

Protect Idaho Wolves From Senseless Slaughter
Save Wolves Today!
In Idaho, a plan is being put in motion that could decimate up to two-thirds of wolves inhabiting the Lolo District of Clearwater National Forest. The stated reason for this proposed aerial wolf killing program is a misconception that wolves are responsible for a recent reduction in elk populations. In fact, studies show elk herds began to shrink when suitable habitats declined, Even in the face of reason, this unsound, unscientific plan to slaughter wolves may go forward--funded by your tax dollars!

Join Defenders of Wildlife's efforts to inform President Obama of the situation and ask for his assistance in denying Idaho the federal aid necessary for such a blatant wolf massacre.
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