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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Morning Mix for a lack of a better title

Steve's HR Technology - Journal - What if no one wants to drive to your office? - Back in January I posted a piece titled, 'Will Facebook Kill the Car?', a look and some commentary on research that indicated American teens and twenty-somethings are driving much, much less than p...

Oh, Do I Understand this sooo very very very much. After all, I am one--one who hates driving in Downtown Cleveland. After all, Cleveland traffic were each driver drives as if he/she owns the road and only they need to get where they are going, so they are entitled to cut in front of anyone and everyone to get where they are going, as if no one else on the road matters. This is why I do not go to baseball games, even though I am a big fan of the Cleveland Indians, nor would I go to a Cleveland Browns (Pictured) game. After all, between the mass of bad drivers on the road and the cold winter weather of Cleveland and the Dawg Pound, where more fan drink more beer than any and every thing else--This Fan Stays Home and hopes to watch the game on television where I get to stay safe.

Unfortunately, the sport franchises need people to come to the games, but since they are not the reason that this fan does not go. There really is not anything they can do about it.

What Comes First: Dream Job? Or Becoming a Dream Employee? - I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a group of students in Washington DC. Afterward, several of the students and I got into a discussion about “finding their dream job”. The students were qu...

May be it is me, but if I was talking to these students, I would tell each and every one of them that they should work each and every job as if it is their dream job. After all, if for no other reason, there is that feeling of pride, that good feeling of pride, to be able to look back at a job well done that few, very few, 'slackers' will ever know: But, Then, Again, there are times when the 'slackers' are the smart ones, such as-->

Are You a Bad Boss, Do You Work for One? Resumebear Online Resume - Everyone has horror stories about bad bosses. Then when we become the boss, we tend to think that we’re only doing what is necessary and, by the way, that employees cause all the problems. Thing is...

By Now I assume anyone and everyone know that when I worked for That Cleaning Service that I worked for two of the worst Bosses one could Imagine working for, between all their lies and deceptions and half-truths, all in the Name of Jesus--And passing Judgment on others as if they were the Holiness and Righteousness of God, which also seemed to have Justified all that they did to others and the rumors that they created and spread about others, so that they became the inspiration for the phrase--Holy Ghost Filled Pain in the A$$E$.

The Only thing that I can say--If anyone is working for a boss who acts as if everything they do is for their employees--Stop and take a long look. After all, no company can stay in business, unless they are making a profit, If the bosses are claiming to do that much sacrificing then they are being deceptive, which should be questioned and examined by a neutral party. 

Another warning sign is, when there is a serious subject being discussed how quickly those in authority start interrupting and change the subject, especially with false accusations; As If the Holy Spirit of God Is The Author Of Confusion.

After all, while I was working for that Cleaning Service with 'Dan' there were times that he tried to get me to remember what had happened when we were working with Lora Campe's sister--Ethel 'Jane' and what she did to him, but before I could get a word in--this Holy Ghost Filled Christian would jump in and start interrupting and distracting and accusing 'Dan' of ram sacking my car, which she was the one and only witness to this supposed event. This was most likely why 'Dan' was forced to do his case alone, without support of this co-worker who was there when he was indeed given the hardest and dirtiest job as punishment. THAT HAS BECOME THE CROSS OF MY SHAME--THAT I DID NOT FIGHT HARDER TO BE ABLE TO GET A WORD IN OR TO SHUT UP THE ELDERLY BOSS WHO REALLY WAS NOT TRULY WORTHY OF RESPECT, BECAUSE SHE WAS ONLY INTERRUPTING FOR SELFISH GAIN--AS IF Those would/or could be the Actions of the Holy Spirit.

This is also why I support Unions--GOOD STRONG UNIONS--SO VERY VERY MUCH--THOSE BOSSES PROVED BEYOND WORDS OR MEASURE THAT SOME BOSSES CAN NOT NOR SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED, BUT NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO AN HIGHER EARTHLY AUTHORITY--After all, they have also proven how little the Holy Ghost of God can be trusted--If At All-- to get and to keep His servants honest!!! Ah, IF ONLY the lion of judah really and truly was THE LION OF JUDAH--IF ONLY!!! If Only the fruit of the spirit really and truly Were THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT--IF ONLY!!!!