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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Morning--Mid-Weak--Why this Independent sounds so much like a Democrat this Election

GOP offers health care repeal without alternative

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  • House Ways and Means Committees Chairman Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., leads a hearing on the implications of the Supreme Court's ruling that the individual mandate in the "Affordable Care Act" is constitutional, particularly as it relates to Congress' authority to lay and collect new taxes, Tuesday, July 10, 2012, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 10, 2012. at right is the committee's ranking Democrat, Rep. Sander Levin, D-Mich. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
    House Ways and Means Committees
WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans generally avoided talk of replacement measures on Tuesday as they mobilized for an election-season vote to repeal the health care law that stands as President Barack Obama's signature domestic accomplishment.
Instead, they lambasted the 2-year-old law as a threat to the nation's economic recovery and predicted some Democrats would join them in repudiating it.
"This is nothing short of economic malpractice," said Rep. Nan Hayworth of New York, citing tax increases, government mandates and other items in the law. "We can and we must do better."
She did not elaborate, nor did any of the members of the leadership in their remarks to reporters after the meeting.
Republican officials said the general reluctance to sketch any sort of alternative resulted from a desire to focus public attention on the health care law itself. It generally fares poorly in public polling, both nationally and in surveys of independent voters.
In addition, they said that while many Republicans ran on a slogan of "repeal and replace" in 2010, the rank and file is far from united around any precise alternative.
Republicans in both houses have suggested numerous measures in recent years to remake parts of the sprawling health care system. The last time the party offered a full-fledged legislative alternative was in 2009, meaning that none of the dozens of first-termers elected in 2010 were involved in its drafting. .  .
 Yet, the Republican Party Still Denies that they are the 'Party of No', BUT, Yet, This Action is The Action Of NO. After all, If the Republican Party Were Not the Party of NO--Would they Not Have an Alternative to Obama's Plan???

83% of Doctors Willing to Quit Because of Obamacare – Except Not Really

83% of Doctors Willing to Quit Because of Obamacare – Except Not ReallyAccording to Fox News, the Drudge Report and the Daily Caller, 83 percent of U.S. doctors have considered quitting over the Affordable Care Act.
I know what you’re thinking: I can’t believe it!
You’d be right.
The right-wing echo chamber amplified a seriously flawed poll conducted by the fringe Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. While most mainstream physicians’ groups, like the American Medical Association, backed the Affordable Care Act, the AAPS has taken a variety of extreme stances. They’ve advised doctors not to accept Medicare payments, argued that abortion causes breast cancer, and pushed conspiracy theories related to the death of Vince Foster. They were the source of the bogus claim that immigrants were causing a leprosy epidemic, one happily parroted by Lou Dobbs.
Certainly, the organization is an extreme one, but it’s still possible that the poll is valid. Or it would be, if it had been conducted using standard polling methodology. It was not.

Yes, Leave it to Fox News to prove that there is nothing that they would not Lie about in order to advance their Agenda, BUT, then, again, they are part of the Religious Far-Right, what else should we expect. After all, I have caught many from my former bosses at the Cleaning Service, who have lied and deceived and stolen about anything and everything---including the Death of My Father, who passed away in May of 2010, which at the time--I thought the best therapy would be to continue working--but then around July or August of 2010, 'Jane' said something, which pissed me off--being the boss who was always not only Righteous, but also Holy--So Lora Campe sent me home for about a week so that I would lose a week's pay--so when my punishment (instead of her older sister's) was over and it was time to come back--I found out that our customers were told that I took a week off, because of the Death of My Father.  Yes, these are the two who call themselves Holy Ghost Filled Christians. Yes, this is the 'Jane' who claimed that she saw 'Dan' ransacking my car and who would set someone up to be fired if she even thought that an employee lied to her--because, as she chewed my ear off--"anyone who would lie, would also steal".

This is why, when yet another letter arrived for the Office of the Treasurer of Ohio to my Late Father, who condo is now mine; Concerning 'The Stately Business' of  soliciting funds for the State Treasurer's (Josh Mandel) Run For the U.S. Senate. As If Ohio Tax Money Should Be Paying For Our Treasurer to Run For the U.S. Senate. 

According to Treasurer of the State of Ohio--> . . . "Defeating an entrenched incumbent Sherrod Brown won't be easy. He is backed by millions of dollars from big-money unions and liberal special interests that will stop at nothing to block the election of a young, unwavering conservative leader like me."

As If  This Is the Business of the Treasurer of the State of Ohio. AS IF Freshman Senator Sherrod Brown is the entrenched incumbent. As If Josh Mandel does not have Conservative PACs financing his campaign. AS If we Ohioans have not been sitting through one attack ad after another . . .  against Sen. Brown and President Obama since before October of 2011, which were paid for by the Conservative PAC -- U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

"But my family and I have overcome tough odds before."
"I am the grandson of two Holocaust survivors, Joe and Fernanda--one who was rescued by Allied Forces and the other who was save by courageous Christians in Northern Italy. My other Grandfather, Harold, proudly served in the U.S. Army Air Corps at that same time."

May be it is me; BUT ONE THING THAT I have learned through Bitter Experience is that People will LIE about Anything and Everything. Without last names to be able to check the records, there is no way to verify these claims--Which leaves me to question are any of these stories the truth or Just Make-Believe Coat Tales that this Josh Mandel plans to use to Lie his way into the U.S. Senate.   After all, all he says is his other grandfather, whom we do not know whether he is referring to his father's father with presumably the same last name as his or his mother's father, in which we have no idea what last name was her maiden name--The question becomes IF HE IS SO PROUD OF HIS GRANDFATHERS SERVICE TO HIS COUNTRY THEN WHY--WHY--WHY USE ONLY HIS FIRST NAME TO RAISE MONEY FOR HIS ELECTION?????? That is IF his Grandfather Really Did Actually Serve????? After all, IF He was So Proud of His Grandfather's Service would he not be very very happy to have people reading about his Grandfather????

The F.B.I. Is investigating his campaign--I can only Hope and Pray that THE F.B.I.  are also investigating his 'use' of state property in the form of state stationary--no pun intended-- and his claims that he is making on his families, apparently both sides or who knows maybe even in-laws too.

 P.S.-- I would also like to pass on this e-mail for your consideration--->Today, House Republicans will vote to repeal President Obama’s health care reform—for the 31st time. To commemorate this landmark event we’re giving away free stickers, because c’mon. It’s Constitutional: Get Over It.

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Jason Rosenbaum
DSCC Director of Online Communications
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