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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Morning--The course of Action is Jobs-Jobs-and Unions, which all add up to Social Justice at the Workplace--This is still only the beginning--I have not yet begun to fight Social Injustice!!!

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As I have written many times before, I firmly believe that the use and abuse of employees is why we need to rebuild and re-establish Strong Unions. After all, I worked at a very NON-Union Cleaning Service, which was run by Holy Ghost Filled Christian Republicans, so everything that they did was some how Justified, because it was done in the Name of Jesus.  They kept us so seperate from each other that few if anyone knew each others full name.

I have been here, this is why I am now a Fighter. After all, we were suckered in Name of Jesus into working under the table for an Holy Ghost Filled Christian boss who know lives in the very expensive  and exclusive housing development of Indian Wells Drive, Medina, Ohio. We employees, especially those framed for 'Witchcraft' paid for her housing, but received very very little in return. If Only we had the energy to see what was really happening--IF Only these Holy Ghost Filled Christians were not so Good at Creating Walls of Confusion, with all their Half-Truths and Dece;postID=2412831008764315409ptions.  IF Only There was a way for me to make amends and atone for all that I did not do for my fellow employees when there was a time to make a difference. If Only there was a way to make these rip-off artists pay for all the Evil that they did In The Name Of Jesus.

 This is also why it is so very very important for me to pass on as many things as possible on Jobs that I can. After all, No One should be stuck in a job that they hate or working for Bosses that are as bad or worse than the 'Sheriff of Nottingham' was in the 'Tales of Robin Hood'. Even If or Especially If the Boss is a Holy Ghost Filled Sheriff of Nottingham.

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