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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Mix--Something For Everyone--I Hope.

Unemployment claims plunge | The Jamestown Sun - WASHINGTON — The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment benefits plunged last week. But a big reason is that automakers have skipped some of their usual summer shutdowns to keep up with demand,... 

This sounds like--the economy really is slowly, but surely, recovering. After all, If the demand for cars is up, someone or two are driving someplace--like work. This is especially good, because when we are talking auto factory jobs, we are talking Union Jobs, which are Middle Class Jobs, which are the jobs that generate other jobs.

Does the Internet Really Make Everyone Crazy? | Healthland - Sociologists call them moral panics — when a population pins its unanchored fear in uncertain times on a selected demon, whether or not the target is really a threat to society. Drugs are a frequen...

 I can't say whether being on-line can make a person crazy or not; But I can honestly say being on-line has provoked my temper on more than one occasion. After all, I like being on Care2, where I do enjoy being part of larger community and where I can make a difference--BUT THEY Do Have A Few Ultra-Right-Wing Trolls, who apparently Troll myself and others in the Name of Jesus AS IF THAT Is What Jesus Would Do.


16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business - The good news is that you can easily revitalize your Twitter experience! Here are 16 ways to bring new life and renewed business purpose to your Twitter efforts. There are many people you need to f...

For those who are back on the job hunt like myself--->
ResumeBear: Some Help For Struggling Job Seekers - Resumebear Online Resume - If you’re looking to get to work right now, Tom Busby has five tips to give your job hunt a boost. Busby is the founder and CEO of DTI, the Diversified Trading Institute. He’s bringing his wealth o...

ResumeBear Says Rock Your Resume, Tips How To - Resumebear Online Resume - Whether or not you’re looking for a job right now, it’s worth making sure your resume is in good shape. You never know when that dream opportunity might come up – and if your current job isn’t look...

For those who like their jobs, but simply need more money--->

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For those who are growing a business or want to start one-->

7 Tips to Successful Fundraising for Young Entrepreneurs - In reading the start-up and tech blogs these days, one would think investors are chomping at the bit to fund startups like yours. But as is true with most situations in life, you shouldn't believe ...

Maybe it is me, but when I am tempted to sit back and curse out the darkness--taking action to make a difference helps me--which is why I like ending a post with a petition for all to consider--the subject may be dark--but then, it is always darkest just before the Dawn, metaphorically speaking that is.

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Handcuffed, barefoot women rarely pose much of a threat to police, particularly if they're seated on the ground. But when an arrested woman in Rhode Island kicked out at the police officer arresting her, he responded as if she'd actively threatened him -- by kicking her in the face.

We must set a precedent for making brutalities like these unacceptable. »

Though he was convicted of felony battery, which carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence, Krawetz will spend no time at all in prison. And it will take a special hearing to remove him from the force.

Krawetz's assault was caught on video. The woman was unable to break her fall as the kick slammed her head on to the curb.

Police forces are on the streets to protect us, not to subject us to more violence. We must demonstrate that actions like Officer Krawetz's will not go unnoticed.

Tell Rhode Island to get tough on police brutality and fire Krawetz today. »

Thanks for taking action

Fire Officer Krawetz for Kicking Civilian in Head
Take action now.
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