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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Afternoon's Action

Take ActionDespite repeated calls from Ohioans and members of environmental, labor and business groups, Congress has still failed to take action and renew the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC).

Thanks to the PTC, Ohio was the fastest growing state for new installations in 2011, growing a staggering 950%. Over 3,000 Ohioans and 79,000 Americans nationwide are employed in the wind energy industry and are helping move the United States out of recession while also building a clean energy future.

We have to turn up the volume to make Congress listen.

Tell Congress to stop jeopardizing thousands of jobs and dithering on this critical issue.

Unless Congress votes to renew the PTC, Ohio could lose thousands of jobs, tens of millions of dollars of investment in industry and continue to subject our communities to the toxic output of dirty coal plants.

Join the Sierra Club, tell Congress this is unacceptable and demand Congressional leadership bring the PTC up for an immediate vote. In just 2 minutes, you can tell Congress you stand with the wind industry for good, clean, green jobs.

Let's support Ohio jobs, building Ohio technology to generate Ohio power.
 I have passed on that e-mail from the Sierra Club, because it was too important not to pass on. After all, We Need Not Sacrifice Our Water Supply and/ or Our Environment for Jobs. There are Jobs and There Can Be More Jobs in Re-Usable Energy/Green Energy Jobs.

If we combine our knowledge with action, we may have a fighting chance. READ MORE»

Are also 5 reasons we need to replace Fossil Fuel and why we need to save our Drinking water From 'Fracking'. 

To imagine together who we are will require us to loosen the boundaries between Us and Them. READ MORE»
AH, Yes, the Good Form of Class Warfare--AS IF Dividing The Middle Class From the Working Class and Creating an anger against the Poor on Welfare--IS NOT DIVIDING AND CONCURRING.
We are in this Global Economy TOGETHER--The Oil and Gas and Coal Industries need to realize that they are so 20th Century, but this is the 21st Century and as sure as we moved away from the horse and buggy, we need to move away from fossil fuels or else we will destroy our own home world.