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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cooler and Calmer Actions of the Day

BELIEVE IT OR NOT--THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT CURSING OUT THE DARKNESS--EVEN THOUGH Between My Eastern European Temper and German Temper--It ends up that way--Now that I had my rant--Hopefully and Prayerfully no one will aide and abet the Owner of the Chick-afil-a and the Hate Groups that he supports.  So let us start lighting some candles-->
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Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail for your consideration;

Our country faces some serious national problems -- a fragile economy, ballooning health care costs, the ongoing housing crisis and more. But instead of tackling these, right-wing extremists from Mississippi to Michigan to Washington D.C. would rather attack women's reproductive health.

The "War on Women" started more than a year ago when a host of these radicals were sworn into statehouses, governorships and Congress. Since then, women have suffered constant attacks on our most basic right: to decide what to do with our own bodies.

Today, Mississippi is in the throes of fighting a new law that would close the state's only remaining abortion clinic. In Michigan, simply using the word vagina got a lawmaker banned from the floor of the statehouse.

These extremists aren't just restricting our choices, rights and access to basic health care. They're degrading our entire gender by implying our bodies are too dirty to talk about and our needs aren't important enough to address.
 I, for one, have had enough. Sign the petition today to support full reproductive choice and want attacks of women's health to end now »

Thanks for taking action!

Emily V.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team
What More can I say that what I have already have said!  Except that being pro-choice is Trusting a Woman to do what is best for everyone. Personally, I would rather trust others--than dictate to them. Most especially, since when someone get too bossy with me that is when I am most likely to lose my temper and 'Declare War'!!!

How to (Finally) Quit Your Job

As you wait for the elevator to arrive after another mediocre day at the office, you give yourself an all-too-familiar pep talk. “I’m better than this, and I’ve completely had it with this job,” you tell yourself. Deciding you want to quit is usually just the first move in a sometimes long and arduous cerebral chess match you’ll play with yourself. Read more »

In Short, the way I quit was the wrong way. My mistake was staying at a job, because the work itself was rewarding and I even liked most of the costumers, even though not the bosses. Worst of all, because I hate Job Hunting, which is probably the worst reason of all not to leave a job=My Biggest Mistake of All!!!!  This is Why If I must be used as the negative role model of what not to do or what not to say--the please do so.  I only hope and pray that no one repeats my mistake-- THAT--by the time that I did quit my job at the Cleaning Service-- I had so much bottled up anger at ALL THE INJUSTICES AND ABUSES AND THE LIES AND THE DECEPTIONS AND THE SECRETS AND THE FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND THE MAZE OF CONFUSION---THAT BY THE TIME THAT I DID QUIT I THOROUGHLY LOST MY TEMPER.  There are Worst things in Life than Unemployment!!! There is selling your soul to keep a job!!!!

Why Optimists Will Always Kick Pessimists’ Butts
Optimists are more in control, more likely to discover new opportunities and more. Agree? Read more »
After all, at the end of the day those of us who yield to the temptation of pessimism are really defeating ourselves, before we even get started. Nothing is truly possible unless it is first Believed to be Possible.

I am also passing this e-mail on, so we all can make a positive difference. I watched the video and liked on Facebook, so please do at least that. After all, I have been donating more than usual at my church, so my giving has its limits, so for me to give to even more causes has its limits. The Fairest thing that I can do is ask IF you can Afford to Donate--Please do--But if not, like myself, then at least watch video and like.  Thank You.

BUILDING BRIDGES to Empower Girls and Teachers
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