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Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Morning Thoughts and Various Calls to Action.

today's action Tell Your Senators to Support Clean Transportation Options!
In April, the House of Representatives passed an extension of the current transportation bill, kicking the can down the road for another three months. That extension has expired, and the House and Senate are now debating a compromise transportation bill. But the House is insisting on including Big Polluter poison pills that would automatically stop EPA standards for the safe disposal of toxic coal ash.

The Senate has already passed a bipartisan transportation bill that would begin to reduce our addiction to oil by increasing access to safe, convenient transportation choices like public transit, biking, and walking, while also improving our current system.

For today's Daily Action, tell your Senators to support clean transportation options, not Big Polluter Priorities like toxic coal ash!
Yes, we need energy alternative-called the bus, but as a person who does far too much driving and not enough riding. I also understand why more people do not ride the buses, after all, I am one of them.
For one, too few buses go where a person wants to go. So people, like myself, have the choice of hopping into a car alone for a 20 minute drive or changing buses for a hour or two commute.

Second, there is stigma of riding the bus. That only poor people, who cannot afford to own a car, ride one. Some how, the word needs to get out that public transportation is the cool way to travel, but as long as the commute becomes that much longer than driving then buses will remain the thing that people have to do, not want to do.

Tell Congress: jobs can't wait — Barack Obama - Call Republicans in Congress and ask them to get to work on these proposals. Call Congress: (202) 224-3121 Help spread the word: It's time for Congress to put aside politics and help create jobs.

Yes, we need to remind our Congressional Representatives, especially those of us whose Representative is a Republican, that their true job is to represent the people-the voters, Not The Interests of Big Business. We the People Need Jobs more than Big Business needs the excess money, because in the long run the more money consumers have to spend the better it is for all businesses.

So please, each and every one of my fellow Americans who are looking for a job or who know someone who is looking for a job or simply loves their country enough to fight for their fellow Citizens--Please, Oh Please, At least Consider Calling In Support Of Our President Who Is Doing His Very Best To Support Us.

Now off to a completely different topic-->
Find Out About Catholes
“Going” Outdoors: Making a Cathole Learn from your cat: How to make a cathole when nature calls while you're hiking! Catholes are easy-to-make, one-use outdoor toilets that are commonly used on camping trips. Before you head in to nature this summer, take a quick look at this outhouse alternative.
My Dear Friends,  Please sign and share world-wide. I thank you in advance.  Leslie G.

Original Message:

Maximum Sentence's for Craigs list Cat Killer Alex Phelps

Alex got these cats using Craigslist - as people come forward with their stories. He got "Copper" and "Carrot" from Jason Knopp, "Weezer" from Samantha Caple and three rescued cats from Jennifer Chappell - all using Craigslist and posing as a genuine cat lover.
Jason Knopp said he gave his cats -Copper and Carrot -to Phelps. Knopp said he needed to find his cats a home. He said one reason was because family members had allergies. Knopp had owned the cats for four years, after he rescued them from a shelter in Indiana. He said he met Phelps in November.

"He knew all the right things to say. He said he volunteered for the Humane Society, fostering cats half of the year," Knopp said.
 After all, a person this sneaky and 'cold hearted' needs to be stopped, before they move on to killing people. Especially considering, he knew what to say--says a lot about him, IMO, tells me that he thoroughly planned out what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. Which adds up to the need of stopping him, before any people are killed, which means he stays in jail for killing the cats as long as possible for the good of Humanity.