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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Mid-Morning Mix--Part I

Tell Congress: Defend NPR, PBS and Planned Parenthood!
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"Don't de-fund NPR, PBS, Planned Parenthood and AmeriCorps! Reject the GOP's extreme labor, health and education spending bill."
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We can't let this get any traction in Congress.
Dear Readers, I am passing on this portion of the e-mail, because NPR Radio, most especially during election time is too important to the National Debate not to: PBS is also needed for the National Debate, but Far More Importantly for the Education of our young children--the next generation, who start learning before school, Most Especially the Love of Learning. And Planned Parenthood, because Women's Health is No Less Important:
A bill to de-fund NPR. And PBS. And Planned Parenthood? And as if that's not enough, why not throw in AmeriCorps and Obama's healthcare law? Let's also slash funding for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security while we're at it.
The nightmare labor, health and education bill introduced by Republicans in the House this week sounds like something out of the Tea Party's wildest dreams.1 But since Tea Party Republicans control the House, their wildest dreams could be about to come true.
Tea Party Republicans have tried to destroy these popular programs again and again. And we've stopped them every time. But never have they put so much vitriol all in one bill. 
 In the best case scenario, this bill is just another arrogant, time-wasting exercise by Tea Party extremists who are too obsessed with their radical partisan agenda to make any good faith effort to constructively address the many problems facing our country.
But in the worst case, Republicans will unify around this bill as their starting point in budget negotiations to exact painful compromises from Democrats, something we've seen too often in the past.
We need to make it clear. De-funding NPR, PBS, Planned Parenthood and AmeriCorps isn't a starting point — it's a dead end. . .
 As an American who lives in the state of Ohio, not far from the Great Lake that is named Erie--Yes, we do need to Stand Up for the Great Lakes. After all, I am old enough to remember when our Cuyahoga River caught on fire--or rather all the pollution in it--which was more pollution than water which was how the River Burned.

Stand Up for Our Great Lakes ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

The Ontario government is working on a Great Lakes Protection Act right now. That's a good thing because the Great Lakes ecosystem is threatened from pollution, climate change, and invasive species.