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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Evening--Some of the Wrong things that the Republicans are doing, which is why I am supporting the President and Encourage All My Fellow Ohioans and Americans to do the same.

 Right Wing Goes Nuts on Video That Asks: How White is Mitt Romney?
A new satirical video from The Message, released on the eve of Mitt Romney's scheduled address today to the NAACP Convention, has the right-wing blogosphere incensed. The video, you see, unabashedly takes on the Republican Party's -- and Mitt Romney's -- race problem. 
In the video, we see four actors, portraying Romney and three advisers, convening in a conference room to strategize what Romney should say to the nation's premier civil rights group.
The lead consultant is depicted as the guy who cooked up the Willie Horton ad (video) from the
 1988 presidential campaign, which famously played racial fears against Democrat Michael Dukakis in his contest against Republican George H.W. Bush.    Read more 

Painted crosses and mass-printed “Women Do Regret Abortion” signs belonging to anti-choice extremists clutter the sidewalk of North State Street in the Fondren region of Jackson, Mississippi, where Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO) operates as the state’s sole abortion clinic.
“Some [protesters] hang out in lawn chairs. Some bark at cars and passersby,” says Deirdra Harris Glover, a Jackson resident and founder of the grassroots organization Pro Choice Mississippi. “Most only have eyes for the clinic, its staff and its clients.”    Read more
Please Read---Thank You 
Please Read--And Again Thank You 

 Budget Cuts

By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet

By NPR Online

5 days ago ... Romney endorser/American rock singer Ted Nugent already has a long ... would have been a better country had the South won the Civil War: ...'s_latest_idiotic_comment%3A_‘perhaps_ we’d_be_better_off_if_the_south_won_the_civil_war’/


Domestic Violence Not An Important


 Issue in South Carolina


Domestic Violence Not An Important Issue in South CarolinaSouth Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) doesn’t believe that rape and domestic abuse are matters of public health, which is why she vetoed nearly half a million dollars slated to go toward domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs.

Haley defended the veto by claiming these kinds of prevention programs “distract from” the Department of Health’s mission to tend to matters of public health. Furthermore, Haley argued, rape victims represent only a “small portion” of South Carolinians who need assistance. “Each of these lines attempts to serve a portion of our population for which we extend our sympathy and encouragement, but nevertheless, it is only a small portion of South Carolina’s chronically ill or abused. Overall, these special add-on lines distract from the agency’s broader mission of protecting South Carolina’s public health.”. . . . . .Read More

AS IF--AS IF--As if there is no War against Women or African-Americans or Against the Poor.

P.P.S.>>>The Republican Fight For Dirtier Air

The Republican Fight For Dirtier AirLast month the Senate rejected a bid by Oklahoma’s James Inhofe to roll back new limits on mercury in the air proposed by the Obama administration in December. . . .

What happens when a mature industrial nation turns its back on democracy and lets its right-wing elite destroy the middle class? We've seen this movie before. READ MORE
By Robert Cruickshank / AlterNet

Greg Sargent at The Plum Line highlights the new stronger Democratic rhetoric on the Bush tax cuts. It's about time:
Sherrod Brown, who is in a competitive race in Ohio, flatly stated that the President’s proposal is right on the substance and on the politics.
“This is simply restoring the tax levels from years ago on two percent of taxpayers," Brown told me. “I don’t know why some Democrats are queasy. Possibly they think it’s better messaging if the cutoff is $1 million. Elected officials at this level know a lot of people who make $300,000. We generally don’t spend enough time with people who make $30,000.”    Read more


With all that the Republicans are doing we need, we must support our President as he supports us. Yes, I have donated and my donation will last 3 months and hope and pray that everyone who reads does at least the same--if not even more--THAT IS IF ONE IS ABLE TO--->
 Moments ago, House Republicans voted to repeal President Obama’s health care law.

It’s the 31st time -- yes, the 31st time -- that they’ve tried to strike down reform.

If you’ve had enough of Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Tea Party Republicans’ relentless campaign to tear down President Obama and progress for the American people, then send them a message today.

Stand with President Obama: Donate right now to defeat Tea Party Republicans >>

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