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Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning--Don't Get Played--Get Informed, instead.

 Glen Ifill
PBS Washington Week host Gwen Ifill said "Joe Biden’s at the top of his game. I saw him jogging off the stage the other the NAACP convention, and he seems to be perfectly fine. " Alexis Simendinger of Real Clear Politics said he is "very engaging" and a "middle-class emblem" for ...

 AlterNet Radio: The GOP's Slow-Motion Coup; America's Workplace Bondage; Did Mitt Bait NAACP?

After having watched and heard several Mitt Romney's speech and pundits talk about his speech--I am more and more convinced that Mitt Romney baited the NAACP. After all, the way Republicans Act Up and Act Up, it feels more and more that Class Warfare is only EVIL If The War is against the Upper 1%, but if it is against the Middle Class (Union Laborers) Working Class (the working poor without Health Insurance) or the Poor in Poverty--then The Class Warfare becomes Holy and Righteous.

After all, I am convinced that Mitt Romney was not really speaking to the
audience in front of him, but was rallying his White Supremacist Tea Partiers.

And by the way, please do check out the schedule of upcoming luncheons, I plan to, since PBS is my favorite way with keeping up with Politics, Since they do their very best to keep things balanced which is a hard thing to do, since we all bring our own biases to everything, especially me--most especially when I am on a rant--temper time. Personally, I believe it was President John Adams who said it the best--'American Creation' which I have on CD--something like--Modern History is fictious and American Modern History is the Most Fictious. This means--Yes, Do question me. Yes, Do Demand that I prove my Statements; after all,the higher the standard the better, because there is one thing that I have never ever been nor will ever be scarred of and that is of heights.  No, Do Not be a blind follower--who knows I just might be leading us all in a ditch????

After all, what really matters is that we all become well informed voters--Knowledge is indeed Power, most especially at the voting booth!

In My Opinion--One possible Solution is-->
Bill Moyers talks to experienced organizers Stephen Lerner and Bill Fletcher, Jr. about what it will take to really revitalize the labor movement. READ MORE

After all, Public Employees are not the problem--they are the Scape Goats. 

Another Possible Solution--->Would Be To Join With Those Who Are Working to Solve our Environmental Problems and in turn Create the Jobs of the Future.
 Union of Concerned Scientists
Koch Industries—one of the largest corporations in the world with companies involved in everything from oil refining to paper products to chemical manufacturing—has spent how much money since 1997 underwriting groups that misrepresent climate science?

$1 Million? $20 million? $37 million? $55 million?

The Union of Concerned Scientists works every day to expose scientific analysis that is tainted by political or corporate influence. Become a member today.
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