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Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Evening --No Fracking in the U.S.A.

PENNSYLVANIA: Fracking Protest Temporarily Shuts Down Marcellus Shale Drilling Rig

An energy company says protesters demonstrating against hydraulic fracturing at a Pennsylvania state forest have led to a gas drilling rig temporarily being shut down. . . .

Alright, Pennsylvania woke up and smelled the coffee and realized that they need fresh water much much more than they need natural gas. Come On, Ohio, we can do the same thing for the same reason. 

Ohio Fracking Wastewater Test Reveals Toxic Mess

Ohio Fracking Wastewater Test Reveals Toxic MessThe natural gas industry, and it’s supporting case of puppet politicians, continue to claim that fracking has no negative impact on the environment or local drinking water supplies. There are many incidents of flammable water and poisoned streams that refute these claims, of course, but neither the industry or the government agencies that should be regulating them seem to care.
In big fracking states, many members of the public are alarmed that natural gas companies are blasting thousands of gallons of chemically-enhanced water into the ground just to get at natural gas deposits. Not only does the injection of these chemicals pose serious health risk, but then there’s the frightening question of what happens to the wastewater when frackers are done with it. . . .

Wake up Ohio and the rest of America--Fracking Must End--We risk far more than we gain--Fracking is Not Worth It.

After all, we really do not need to sell our souls or out our environment for jobs-->

The GOP has been on an economic wrecking mission ever since the election of Barack Obama - indeed we now know that leading Republican strategists and legislators met and planned a course of economic sabotage and complete obstruction on Obama's very first day in office.
This obstruction has had a huge price - a deliberate price that the GOP is betting the American people will blame on President Obama. GOP obstruction did not prevent the passage of ARRA - the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - popularly know as "The Stimulus" bill of 2009 during the height of the economic disaster as the economy was falling off a cliff - the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that ARRA has saved up to 3 million jobs. But nearly every economic measure since then has been blocked by GOP obstruction, filibusters and brinksmanship.    Read more

Honestly, the Jobs Outlook Is Bleak Because the GOP Wants It That Way
Last week the United States celebrated the 236th anniversary of its independence and self-rule with joyous gusto. Days later, after the smoke from the fireworks and grills had cleared, the government released its latest jobs report. Unfortunately, it left little to cheer.
In June, just 80,000 jobs were created. That's only 11,000 more than in May and still below what's needed to keep up with population growth. As a result, the overall unemployment rate remained stuck at 8.2 percent.. . .
We need to see the world as it really is an not let the GOP play up on our fears and insecurities. After all, this does not mean that we have to sell our souls or the environment in order to have a job.