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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Mid-Day Post Thus Far--This is to be of Economic Service

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Maybe it is me, but when I look back at various Biographies of people who were successful in one field or another, they usually had two things in common. They either were too broke to have any other choice to succeed or they knew so little about what they were doing that they did stop to think that they could fail.
This is another reason why I get angry with the concept of calling the 'Richest' Class, for a lack of a better name, the Job Creators--I get angry at the misconception and down right Deception. After all, in reality, few-very very few people leave jobs that they are very successful in. As I have said before and will continue to say--The Truth is More often than Not--The People who start their own businesses start their own business because NO ONE ELSE WILL HIRE THEM--WHICH MEANS MORE OFTEN THAN NOT IT IS THE LOWER CLASSES THAT ARE THE SMALL BUSINESS STARTERS AND IF THAT BUSINESS DOES SUCCEED THEN THEY BECOME THE JOB CREATORS.

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Employers say skilled workers are still scarce - San Antonio Business Journal - Even with almost 13 million unemployed Americans looking for work, many employers say they can’t find skilled workers to fill jobs, Bloomberg reports. A survey of 1,361 employers by Milwaukee-based...

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