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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Morning--If Jesus called us to Serve then let us Serve, Indeed.

Mississippi's only abortion clinic, the Jackson Women's Health Organization, found itself the target of anti-choice legislators this year, who--after failing to ban abortion through the ballot---tried a back-door method to shut the clinic down, requiring its staff to gain admitting privileges at hospitals. For a while, it looked like Mississippi might be the only state in the union to have not a single abortion-providing facility. But a judge granted the clinic a reprieve, for now.

May be just me, But Terrorism Is NEVER EVER  Justified, Most Especially The Terrorism done in the Name of Jesus! After all, the effect of Terrorism in Jesus Name is to make His Name Look Evil. I know, because one of the side effects of having had worked for those 'Holy Ghost Filled Pain in the A$$E$' was every time that they crossed my mind--for the longest time--I got so mad at myself for believing their lies and deceptions that I would also curse out The Father and The Son and The Holy Ghost  uncontrollably to for all the Evil that they did in THEIR NAME, which THEY Did absolutely nothing to stop. I remember questioning Jesus Love and Power and Holiness, Until finally time healed enough of the Wounds that Lora Campe and her older sister Ethel 'Jane' Caused by working for their Cleaning Service.
If more evidence is needed then think on this fact--There was no such concept as 'Islamaphobia' Until After 9/11.
By The Way, For the Record--May I remind everyone the best option IMHO is to reduce the demand for abortion to such a degree that it becomes an unnecessary question of is it legal or not, but keep it legal just in case the other options fail, for one reason or another. Most Certainly, Keep It Legal in Cases of Rape or Incest or If/When the Mother's life needs to be saved.
One of the DC police who provide motorcycle escorts to White House officials allegedly made death threats regarding the First Lady, Michelle Obama, to other officers, even describing the weapon he would use to kill her, according to the Washington Post:
The police department’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating the alleged comments and notified the U.S. Secret Service Wednesday, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to give details of the investigation. [...]    Read more

Judge Blasts Alabama “Debtor’s Prison”

Judge Blasts Alabama “Debtor’s Prison”

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Police Attack and Arrest LA Residents for Using Chalk

Police Attack and Arrest LA Residents for Using Chalk

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Dear God, Have Mercy, My Late Father-in-law was a Cleveland Detective on the Cleveland Police Force. The Job of the Police is To Protect and To Serve--NOT TO JUDGE A PERSON BY THEIR POLITICS and Does not anyone remember that there Really Is Such a Thing as Freedom of Speech--Does Not anyone remember that Deptor's Prison was outlawed Decades upon Decades Ago.

THIS HAS BECOME A NEW LOW IN POLITICS AND MORE AND MORE OF THE EVIL AND NASTINESS IS ORIGINATING FROM THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. After all, Is It NOT An Interesting Coincidence that this is the first that we have heard of the Police Escort doing something like this--in the same year that Supporters can form PACs without any money limits.

Lord, Help us, Jesus--We need to Clean Up this Election and We need to Clean Up and Civilize this Election Now--WAKE UP CHRISTIANS--THE END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS--THE MEANS CAN HOW EVER DESTROY THE BODY OF CHRIST AND HIS GOOD NAME--SO WE MUST START SHOWING THE WORLD THAT GRACE AND TRUTH REALLY DID COME BY JESUS. Talk becomes Very Cheap when it is drowned out by our Actions!!!!

P.S. >>>> My Bad, I almost ended this post on a negative note, which I truly hate to do, Most Especially When I do not have to. The Good News that I would like to end on is---YES, WE AT ST. STEPHEN LUTHERAN CHURCH DID INDEED FUND THE BUILDING OF OUR WELL, WHO KNOWS WITH ANY LUCK AND A WING AND A PRAYER WE JUST MIGHT BUILD A SECOND WELL THAT WILL SAVE EVEN MORE LIVES.