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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Oil has taken the transportation bill hostage.

They've made it so we won't get money to make needed repairs to our crumbling roads and bridges unless we open up our oceans and the Arctic for drilling.
A vote could come up as early as Wednesday so your representative needs to hear from you NOW.
We need to repair our transportation infrastructure, but not at the expense of our oceans and the Arctic!
The proposed new drilling sites are dangerous and remote. One spill could take months to clean up – if the damage could be fixed at all – running the risk of permanently scarring some of the most pristine places on the planet and endangering wildlife like polar bears and seals.
Adding insult to injury, this bill would cut funds for mass transit, biking and other key investments we need to build a more sustainable transportation system and reduce carbon pollution.
We only have a few days left to stop this terrible bill. Members of our powerful environmental coalition are flooding Congressional offices with calls but we need your help to ensure Congress keeps feeling the pressure.
Big Oil has shown they are going to be relentless in their pursuit to open up new and ever more dangerous drilling fields.
We've stopped them before, and with your help, we can do it again.

Oh, Dear Lord, Have Mercy, What is this world coming to; especially America. Our infrastructure is in such sad sad shape. So what does 'Big Business'--The Oil Companies and their operatives--the Republican of Congress--do??? They politicize it! After all, The Republicans talk and talk about being 'Pro-Life', but their action show that it is all about gaining POWER. and to keep the rich getting richer, as if no one else matters.
Unfortunately, what 'Big Business' and The Republicans have forgotten or are too greedily selfish to remember--The true fountation of American Society has been and always will be the Middle Class--The Middle Class Family to be spacific. Their actions are destroying the Middle Class, which IF it does not stop, the United States is in very much danger of becoming a 'Banana Republic'. 
I know this is not much of a Valentine's Day post, but for those of us, who are single and not in a one-on-one relationship--Doing good becomes the higher priority.