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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My confession and My shame

I think that the entire world should be ashamed of what’s happening here. Everybody is just silent and looking at us being slaughtered every moment for no reason — just for asking for our freedom. Everybody is looking at us like this. We are slaughtered. Russia has (called) for a veto. China has gone for veto. The rest of the world are condemning this veto, and what else? Looking at us?
…We are getting killed every moment. We are not able even just to get even some basic medicine to injured people. Children are really hungry — I swear, children are hungry. No power. No fuel. So cold. It’s too much, for God’s sake — this is too much.
…You kill people for what? Isn’t it enough? You think we can stop? We will go back. (You) will stop this revolution? If you want to stop this revolution, you are going to have to kill three, four million people. Are you able to do so? Well, you are able. But we will not finish… We will stay, and we will keep this revolution.
Syrian revolutionary ZAIDOUN, on the bloodbath in his country, during a phone interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper(via thearabspringrevolutions)(Source: inothernews)

Lord, Forgive me, Jesus for posting absolutely nothing on Syria nor the Syrian Revolution nor a single word about the Syrian Dictator ; until now. We, humans, are 'The Family of Mankind'. We are indeed call to love and care for each other, especially anyone who is in need, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origins and or current habitation, sexual orientation or whatever so called difference may exist--We Are Still Responsible For Being Our Brother's and Sister's Keepers.