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Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Zealous Clergy and Their Media Enablers Are Manufacturing a Controversy Over Birth Control Coverage

The real opposition here isn't about conscience, it's about women and sex.
Photo Credit: Ceridwen 
The latest battle in the never-ending culture wars is about birth control--you know, the stuff 99 percent of American women use to prevent pregnancy and for a host of other medical reasons.
 This particular fight centers around whether employers will have to offer insurance plans that cover contraception. Even better, these are plans with a low or nonexistent co-pay for contraception, all under a new guideline from the Obama Administration's Department of Health and Human Services which considers contraception "preventive care." Even more specifically under contention is whether religiously affiliated (but not exclusively religious) employers must do this, must allow women who are students, employees, or related to employees, to be insured under that kind of birth control inclusive plan.
The Obama Administration has allowed a narrow exemption for houses of worship and other exclusively religious organizations, but has been tough and courageous by extending the mandate to bigger organizations that employ people from across the religious spectrum.
So the institutions that will have to get themselves in gear are religiously affiliated universities, charities and hospitals. This makes a lot of sense. We all know there are people who work at such institutions who in no way share their employers' more rigorous or differing religious beliefs.
 I will leave it at that, since the point of this blog is to get the truth out, not to add even more opinions--even mine. All I can say--the truth is out there, we just got to keep looking for it, without fear of questioning anyone and everyone, which especially includes myself. After all, I confess I am very human, which means I do err and err continually.  

The Goals of the Blog is to Do Good--To Tell the Truth, the whole truth, to the utmost of my ability to understand it. After all, the bottom line is I am Hoping and Praying that this Blog may be part of a Legacy that my decedents will be proud of. Some day, I will be a Grandmother or a name in a family album (Born-Died) and when my decedents read what I have left behind--I can only hope and pray that they look back with pride that I was a good honest person who cared for the future and the people around me.