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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Morning's Call To Action

Tell Shell: Don't Destroy the Arctic

Stop ShellGlobal Action Counter:
The pristine and beautiful Arctic: Shell wants to exploit it for oil. We want it protected.
Today a Shell drill ship attempted to sail towards the Arctic to begin drilling for oil off the coast of Alaska — but it didn't get far. Activists are blocking the departure of the ship, which is scheduled to begin drilling in treacherous Arctic waters later this year.
Drilling in this fragile ecosystem — home to the polar bear, narwhal, Arctic fox and other iconic species — is unacceptable. A spill or accident in these waters would be disastrous and the harsh conditions would make responding to such a disaster almost impossible.
Take action alongside our activists now. Demand Shell stop their plans to put the fragile Arctic and its biodiversity at risk.
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TAKE ACTION NOW! Support Ceasefire In Syria To Provide Aid To Wounded Citizens

World  (tags: politics, middle-east, world, Syria, violence, government, death, ethics, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', humanrights )
Cal - 18 hours ago -
Without this ceasefire, hundreds of Syrian citizens will continue to die due to wounds or disease. Sign this petition to tell President Assad to support this daily ceasefire.

I have signed, along with many other people who care about the environment and the world that we leave behind to our decedents. I am passing it along on this blog for the benefit of those who have not seen nor read it or had a chance to sign it, because I believe the majority of the world does care. I believe that more people are selfless than selfish. I believe if and when given a choice most people would do just about anything that they can IF it could or would lead to their children having a better, richer and fuller life than our own.

Seattle to Build Nation's First Urban Food Forest

Green Lifestyle  (tags: conservation, CoolStuff, eco-friendly, food, garden, green, healthy, humans, interesting, sustainable )
Kathy - 14 minutes ago -
Due to its mild temperatures and routinely wet climate, Seattle is one of the very few cities in the US with a year-round, outdoor growing season. Taking advantage of this vegetation-friendly environment, and a seven acre plot of public land, a community

WOW!!! Now this is an IDEA!!! After all, with so many people who have left and/or have gotten forclosed out of various cities, all across America. This would be the way to feed the people who are left.  More garden parks are just what this country needs, so that people can eat nutritious food, instead of junk food, which is more often the cheapest and most affordable.