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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Pass It On Kind Of Saturday, for lack of a better title

World Cancer Day - February 4

One small request ...

In honor of World Cancer Day, please reach out to someone who is suffering with this devastating disease.

Click here to send a free  e-card. Please send a card to someone that you know, who may need a word of encouragement and hope.

Thank you,

Lynette Bisconti, Cancer Survivor
President, The Gateway for Cancer Research
p.s. Your voice has the power to make a difference. Together we can make cures possible.    
If only I knew about this much much sooner, I wish I could have passed it on much sooner; because doing as much as possible in the fight against Cancer is very very important to me.
My war on Cancer started when my Dearly Departed Mother was diagnosed with a rare fatty Cancer that had grown undiscovered until it was too late. After all, all members of her family had large abdomens, so her developing a pot belly was just chalked up to heredity. Unfortunately, she died a year later, in 1982, just months before my 21 birthday.

In some ways, her death from Cancer, effected me more than I could say; because I did not find out that she had gone to the hospital, until I tried to surprise them by returning from my Army Training, where I was for months, since I had enlisted in the Army Reserve months before. I thought I was on my way to surprising them with my home coming, but instead got the surprise of my life. In addition, since my older sister was away at college and our Dad was still working a full time job and I had yet to re-start college; some how it fell on to me to be our Mother's primary care giver, which was what I did instead of going back to college, which I some how never did get back to and now I wish I had, so now I make a point to encourage all the young people that I can to not only finish high school, but also get more education beyond that. After all, here in the 21 century, a high school diploma is not enough to get a job, at least one that has a decent pay and/ or benefits. To have only a high school diploma, is to settle for being and remaining the working poor.

Cancer took my Mother's life before I even met my late Husband, she who loved children sooo much that her way of making extra money was by babysitting in our house when we were growing up; so that she never met her own grandchildren, face to face. Yes, she has been and alway will be looking down at all of us; but that is not the same as being with them--face to face.

If only the Susan G. Komen Foundation would stick to fighting breast cancer and stay out of politics. After all, THE  FIGHT AGAINST CANCER AND SAVE WOMEN'S LIVES IS TOO IMPORTANT TO GET POLITICIZED!!! The way that I see it, the one and only way that we are going to defeat Cancer is if we put ALL OTHER Difference aside. This is also the one and only way that we have a prayer of ending Global Climate Change!

WOW!!! I DID NOT KNOW! I wonder; Am I the only one who is just finding out about this; or are there others? I wonder if this is only in the U.S. or International-- I do hope that it is international--because the need for higher education is so International. About nominating someone; I do not know any one well enough to nominate anyone, but hopefully and prayerfully there is someone out there who does know some to nominate. In addition, I will do my best to pass this onto my older son, who is now doing his student teaching at a high school. If I name the high school I will very likely and very probably get into big big trouble, since he is not here for me to warn him first or to get permission, since he values his privacy very highly.