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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help Save Ohio From 'Fracking' Apart

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Take action to keep Ohio from being a fracking dumping ground!

Help protect Ohioans from more injection well earthquakes
Protect Ohioans from fracking-related earthquakes

Ohio isn't a dumping ground!
February 21, 2012

Dear 'Watercolors Angel,

Do you remember the 4.0 earthquake that shook Youngstown on New Years Eve? In 2011, the Mahoning Valley experienced eleven earthquakes, in an area with no recorded history of earthquakes... all within miles of a single injection well used to dispose of fracking wastewater. That's no coincidence.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources told residents that the earthquake was an isolated problem, nothing to be worried about, but the astute citizens of Frack Free Mahoning found seismic evidence near other injection wells in Ohio and other states. The evidence is mounting that fracking wastewater injection wells cause earthquakes. Ask Ohio legislators to enact a moratorium on injection wells.
A moratorium would stop Ohio from becoming a dumping ground for other states' fracking waste. Many of our neighboring states have wisely restricted fracking waste, which Ohio misleadingly calls "brine," from being injected into the deep unknown. In reality this fracking waste is millions of gallons of chemical-laden liquid that's left over from fracking.

To protect Ohioans from more fracking-related earthquakes, Ohio should ban injection wells used for fracking waste.
Stopping them now with a moratorium is a first step toward banning fracking in Ohio.
Tell your legislators to keep Ohio from becoming a dumping ground for fracking waste:

Thanks for taking action,

Alison Auciello
Food & Water Watch

Dear Reader, the state of Ohio needs help in ending this fiasco of 'fracking', Please Read and Please Sign and anything else you can do, IF you can, but please, at least Read and Sign and Thank You very much for you for your time and consideration for the state of my home state of Ohio.
After all, together we can save Ohio from 'fracking' apart.