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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today is An Action Packed Tuesday, then again, what else is new

today's action Join the Bluefin Boycott

Overfishing is pushing Atlantic bluefin tuna to the brink of extinction. These magnificent animals are famous for their racecar-like speeds, but their population has been reduced by more than 80 percent since industrial fishing began.
The best way to stop overfishing is to vote with your plate! You can send a message that you won't add to bluefin overfishing by pledging not to eat bluefin and avoiding restaurants that serve unsustainably fished seafood.
For today's Daily Action, take the pledge to reduce demand for bluefin tuna, then share it with your friends and local restaurants!

I am passing this 'Today's Action' along because the need is great and the cause is good, but unfortunately the petition is not doing as well. I am hoping that by passing it on that this blog might make a difference for the better. 

Conservatives are going wildly off-message when it comes to the fight over contraception.
Joshua Holland / AlterNet
 For many pundits and politicians on the Right, the visceral impulse to shame women for being in control of their own sexuality is so overwhelming that they appear to be totally incapable of maintaining their usual message discipline. That's going to cost them the fight over contraception.
The polling on the Obama administration's recent “accommodation” with the Catholic bishops reveals an important trend. When the issue is framed as a battle over “religious liberty” for institutions associated with the church, Americans are deeply divided. When it's about access to contraception, they're not – overwhelming majorities are in favor of mandating that religiously affiliated employers provide their workers with insurance that covers birth control. READ MORE

As a 50 year old American woman, it amazes me that the Conservatives are still fighting against recognizing that we women do have the same rights and responsibilites as men here in the United States. While at the same time, condemn Islam for it's treatment of women.
To keep the United States from going back to the 1950's, when and where White, Anglo-Saxon, Christian Men had all the power and authority, we must re-elect Barrack Obama, because these Republican contenders are out to undo women's rights and homosexual right, so can African-American Civil Rights be far behind.
For decades, people inside and outside the ACLU have tried to get its board to moderate its campaign finance views, and new facts on the ground give them more ammunition
The American Civil Liberties Union has earned its reputation as the nation’s foremost legal opponent of government censorship and defender of First Amendment political speech. But increasingly, this national organization with 500,000 members and a $70 million annual budget has another legacy—helping the wealthiest Americans and institutions spend unlimited sums on elections.
This complex legacy follows a nearly four-decade history of filing briefs in the Supreme Court and lower federal courts, virtually all of them arguing that the door to censorship, via regulation of core political speech, must never be opened. But various forces in the courts, the political world, and inside the ACLU are converging that may prompt the ACLU’s national board to reexamine its hardened stance in a more nuanced light, just as it moderated its policy on public financing of elections soon after the Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United ruling.
Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet
The American Civil Liberties Union was form to protect and defend Civil Rights, from freedom of Speech to freedom of/from Religion and the other Rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. When and how this was changed is unknown, but what is needed it--for the ACLU to get back to its roots. We need the ACLU to be the ACLU, again, and not just another PAC or Super PAC.  Especially now, when human rights of so many in the United States are under attack from the far right.