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Sunday, February 5, 2012

For The Support Planned Parenthood.

Action: Support Planned Parenthood.

Health & Wellness  (tags: health, healthcare, protection, research, women, children )
Patrick - 1 day ago -
This petition is to remove the Komen charity from C2's click to donate due to their unprincipled rejection of Planned Parenthood from further funding due to the Komen's organization desire to control women's choices.
I have signed and with any luck and a wing and a prayer by posting this here; this blog may add even more signatures to this very worth while petition.  After all, In Memory of my Late Mother, I do my very best to see that will be a cure for cancer. The only way, however, that there will be a cure for cancer, is if we can put all other differences aside and Humanity unite for a common cause.