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Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Evolving Kind of Action Saturday

today's actionIs it Yes or No on Birth Control?
Here's a fact: Medical and scientific evidence provides no rationale for age and access restrictions to emergency contraception.

But recently, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overruled FDA scientists and blocked expanded access to emergency contraception for clearly political reasons.

When it comes to women's health, don’t you want leadership that listens to science and doesn't cave in to political pressure?

For Today's Daily Action, tell Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to put politics aside and broaden access to emergency contraception--for all women.
To "Take Action" please clique on the picture, Thank You.
After all, In the 'Ideal'  world there is neither rape nor incest. Unfortunately, Humans are still a 'fallen race', Yes, we should be doing more to end those crimes, but until or if ever those efforts succeed then women need an alternative to giving birth to her perpetrators child.

5 Right-Wing Governors Gutting Schools to Fund Prisons, Tax Breaks for the Rich...And a Bible Theme Park

When state after state slashes education dollars, we see what matters to them--and where they spend while cutting schools tells us even more.

It's budget time again, and with the economy still in rough shape, that means it's time for governors to show where their priorities are.
It's probably not surprising that right-wing governors claim they can't fund education properly when revenues are low—we've been seeing this happen for years, even before an actual economic crisis knocked states sideways. But cutting funds to schools isn't the only option for states even if they do have to balance their budgets. There are many other places to cut—and of course, they have the option of raising taxes, something the conservative crowd simply refuses to do.
Like any other choice made by a politician, budgeting is a decision laced with ideology. When state after state slashes education dollars (and often at the same time funnels more of the money they do spend to private companies running charter schools, or gives it away as vouchers) we see what matters to them. And when you take a look at the programs that get funded, or the people who get fat tax cuts as money is drained out of the schools, well, you see what matters to state governments.
Here's a look at five of the governors taking money away from their states' kids, and a look at some of the things they are still funding.

Especially, unfortunately, here in the State of Ohio-->
Ohio governor John Kasich should be used to protests by now—he certainly has seen enough of them since he decided to attack his state's public workers last winter. So although candidates for the state legislature joined Occupy protesters in decrying Kasich's budget cuts to education while eliminating the estate tax for the state's wealthiest, it doesn't seem to have made much of an impact.
According to Policy Matters Ohio, the state's budget (signed this summer) takes $1.8 billion in funding away from Ohio's elementary and secondary schools over the next two school years. The new report noted that 65 percent of respondents to its survey of Ohio school districts say they are facing budget shortfalls as a result of state budget cuts—that means pay freezes, pay cuts, not replacing teachers who retire; 45 percent report “reductions in force”--layoffs.
In his State of the State speech, Kasich touted education as a solution to the state's struggles, but it's hard to see how the state can educate its way out of anything when school districts keep facing cuts. (He urged universities to “commercialize” their research, which is a fancy way of saying produce things they can sell to corporations or that will entice grants from corporate America.)
If Kasich really wanted to demonstrate a commitment to education, he could change his mind about the state's estate tax, which hit the 7 percent of wealthy Ohioans who inherit more than $338,333, and will be abolished next January. That'd save about $250 million a year that could go to the far more than 7 percent of Ohioans who make use of public schools.
To read about the other states go to --> READ MORE

 The actions of our Good Governor reminds me of the old sayings--> "Actions Speak Louder than Words": and "Talk Is Cheap!" 
All this, in the aftermath of the Issue 2 crises of the Governor's making, continue to prove how and why this Ohio Governor is not fit to lead this state and should and must be IMPEACHED.

Good, Thank God The Loving Father, Almighty, the Video Bar was successfully added. I added it because there is a must see video--a must see for sadly all the wrong reasons, which is--->

The Pistol-Packin’, Cigarette Smokin’, Laptop-Killin’ Dad

Lord help me, Jesus--After all, this American Father says and does in the video, how can there not be an outcry to rescue his poor daughter from him?!?!?!?!?