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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Planet=Our Responsibility

What do Albany, N.Y., Seattle, Wash. and Boone, N.C. have in common? They're among 10 U.S. cities that have passed resolutions urging President Barack Obama and the EPA to use the Clean Air Act to curb global warming pollution right away.

With your help, Stow could be the next city to join the Center for Biological Diversity's Clean Air Cities campaign. Our goal is to sign up at least one city in each of the 50 states by the end of 2012, sending a powerful message to the federal government just as the Clean Air Act comes under intense attack from big polluters and their allies in Congress.

We need someone in Stow to lead the charge: Take action below and create real, meaningful progress in the fight against climate change. It could be as simple as emailing our sample cover letter and resolution to the appropriate city council members, who we’ll help identify. We can help you every step of the way, but we need your participation to reach our goal of one Clean Air City in every state.
Polar Bear and Cub (Joan Cambray) Here is to hoping that I can live in a Clean Air City; Lord, Help me-Jesus, better yet--Here is to hoping that all cities around the United States and the World can all become Clean Air Cities. After all, to the best of my understanding, the world urban population has now exceeded the rural population, which means--to the best of my understanding--if we clean up our cities, we have basically cleaned up our world. But unfortunately-->
Help Save Polar Bears and Other Arctic Wildlife

Homes of polar bears, caribou, wolverines, more than 200 bird species and other wildlife are being targeted to fund the Transportation Bill.
Help Save Polar Bears and Other Wildlife

Urge your U.S. Representative to oppose efforts to drill in America's Arctic under the ruse of funding the Transportation Bill.

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Dear Wildlife Supporter,

This week, Big Oil and its allies in Congress are once again targeting the Arctic homes of polar bears, caribou, bowhead whales and other wildlife.

A bill is moving quickly through the U.S. House that puts our natural heritage at unnecessary risk -- and we need your help to stop it.

Urge your U.S. Representative to oppose efforts to drill for oil and gas in America's Arctic under the ruse of funding the Transportation Bill.

The House leadership is pushing a plan that exposes the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Arctic Ocean -- home to America's struggling polar bears, caribou, wolverines, bowhead whales and more than 200 bird species -- to destructive oil and gas drilling. They are trying to claim it would close a funding gap in the Transportation Bill.

In reality, the plan is highly speculative, environmentally destructive and fiscally irresponsible, using revenue that may not even materialize in five years to fund very real transportation projects that we need today. And it puts some of America's most pristine wilderness and waters at needless risk while not even coming close to the billions of dollars needed for transportation projects.

This terrible plan is moving quickly through the U.S. House and could be introduced in committee as early as tomorrow. Your U.S. Representative plays an important role in whether it advances -- that's why we need you to take action today.

Please take action now to urge your representative to oppose using speculative Arctic oil and gas drilling revenues to fund the Transportation Bill.

The proposal sells out treasures like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and our Arctic waters and provides too little, too late for the Transportation Bill.

It's a fiscally and environmentally irresponsible plan that does nothing but threaten these fragile places and the polar bears, bowhead whales, arctic foxes, hundreds of thousands of migratory birds and other wildlife that depend on them to survive.

Please write your U.S. Representative today -- and help protect one of America's most wild and sensitive places from a fiscally irresponsible and environmentally devastating plan.

After all, if we do not take care of our planet and all the resources, what would it matter if we all became 'millionaires' but have no water fit to drink or food that is fit to eat--because the only water we have to use on them only makes them grow and become more poisonous than nutritious.  We cannot continue to sell out our planet for the sake of more money, because money cannot undo the effects of pollution.
p.s.-->"This week Congress will move forward with transportation bills that would fund our nation's roads, bridges and transit systems in the coming years. This is an opportunity to reduce our dependence by building safe, convenient transportation options like transit, biking and walking, while improving the system we have. However, some in Congress have pushed to cut funding for transportation choices such as biking and walking and to tie funding for public transit to oil drilling on public lands, even in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and off the Florida coast. Tell your members of Congress to build a 21st century transportation system that reduces our oil dependence, not to expand oil drilling to pay for new and unnecessary highways."   
And After Contacting Your Congress Person--Please Pass It On, Thank You.