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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning--Oh Monday Morning

 Monday morning, the first day of the week, the first day to see how productive I can be. The first day to see how much I can get things done, from household chores to paying bills to losing weight instead of gaining it, to actually doing a few things like reading a book or two to practicing my clarinet, especially since I have a new book--a jazz book. Monday morning, so full of promise, but no answers to how the week will actually end and why Monday morning can be so stressful . . . .

9 Easy Ways to Stress Less
Stress. It can seriously mess with your sleep, mood, belly size, and immunity. Here's how to keep it from raising your cholesterol, too . . . Read more.

I confess I do not know what anyone else in this world is feeling nor thinking nor what anyone else is experiencing in life, but my life feels like it is surrounded by nothing but stress at times. I am hoping that this not only helps me, but also anybody and everybody else who is feeling stressed out, as well.

After all, today is my first day back to the dentist, since last summer. I was suppose to go back earlier, but between me missing a phone call to confirm my appointment and then my dentist postponing because he was not feeling well. Oh, I do hope my gums are still on the road to recovery and that no more teeth have to be pulled. Actually, my biggest worry are my gums, because up to last year, there were years without a dentist appointment, because I happen to be one of the many many Americans who does not have health coverage nor can I afford it, yet; since not even my current job offers it.

Bullet 9 Ways to Prevent Cancer
Did you know that a few small lifestyle changes can cut your risk of cancer by nearly a third? Here's the list . . . Read more.
Here is to the old saying--> " An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Lord knows we most certainly need to prevent Cancer, since world wide, far too many people suffer and die from it. I know, because my Late Mother died from Cancer, back in 1982.

The GOP seems to understand a psychological phenomenon that researchers are studying: conservatives appear to be motivated by fear in a way that liberals are not. READ MORE
Emily Badger /

Are all Conservatives more fearful than Liberals; I don't know. However, my former bosses who were very Conservative-Fundamentalist Christians were very fearful. How could I forget the many times that I was the Supervisor's body guard, because she was to scared to clean the one section of St. Paul Lutheran Elementary School by herself.  She was fearful, because one Caucasian teacher would come back to the school's gym to play Volleyball, with--dare I say it--with-- with African-American males, whom my Supervisor insisted that she sensed were 'gangsters' whom she insisted were there to look for a chance to rape a White Woman--any White Woman, even her, even though she was in her late 60's--she was fearful that they still looked at had to have her--had to have sex with her. As If Rape Has Any Thing To Do With Sex and Not Power. As If African-American Men are less civilized than other men, especially Caucasian. 
By the way, she was also fearful of the Caucasian teacher. After all, she was absolutely convinced that she, the teacher, was a 'Witch', because according to her--the only Caucasian women who hang out with African-American men are 'Witches', who are learning 'Voodoo' from them.