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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Part II--My day off.

As much as I wish that I had pictures of my day off, I do not have any, since my only camera that I have is my cellphone  camera. There is no sob reason that I don't own a digital, the only reasons that I don't are that I never felt a need for one as a result I never got around to buying myself one. After all, if the truth were known about my life--everyone would know that I life a very boring, very ordinary existance and would more likely cure a person of insomnia than entertain them.
Ah, but, yesterday, was my day off the first one in weeks, I thought I was going to enjoy it at the movies. The good news and the bad news--that was what I tried to do. My problem was that I went to the Cedar & Lee Theater, the bad news is that when I go to a movie is that I am not a movie snacker, because that kind of mindless eating is the best way to gain weight and to spend way too much money consuming way tooo many calories. The good news is that I did see the Movie--'Albert Nobbs' which was very good--it was an excellent reminder of how and why we still need 'Women's Rights'. After all, If the GOP had their way, I fear, we would go back to living that way.
The bad news was the second movie--I wanted to see 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy', but being all to use to getting the ticket that I have asked for--I made the mistake of not double checking. Unfortunately, the person at the concession stand was too busy selling popcorn or rather not selling me popcorn that they gave me a ticket to see the Movie--'A Separation', which would have been fine, if I had planned to have gone to see it and if I was prepared to do that much reading and if I knew how long it ran. After all, at the Cedar & Lee Theater, the parking lot is metered. I spent have the time at the second movie wondering if I had fed the meter enough to avoid a parking ticket.