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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Matters

Americans' views on the most pressing issues of the day are actually solidly progressive, so why do the media keep getting the story wrong?READ MORE
Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet

That is so true. After all, I went from being the 'liberal' of the family to now being the 'moderate' of the family. After all, the show 'Modern Family' is the reflection of my extended family.
The good news and bad news of generation after generation of parents teaching children to learn to get along is that they are learning to get along, regardless of each and every difference.


         Healthcare for All People, Santorum Attacks
   Healthcare Plans for the Poor
By Steven D | Booman Tribune
 Gee, it's been fun to talk about contraception, and the US Catholic Bishops' opposition to providing contraceptive care to employees of their affiliated charities and hospitals. But, to be honest, for a religious community that defines itself as pro-life, including, to their credit, "official "opposition to the death penalty, I wonder why the Catholic Bishops "went to the mattresses" to publicly and relentlessly hammer President Obama over the contraception issue, when there is a much more important moral and ethical issue that their church "officially supports," but on which they have remained essentially silent.    Read more

Oooops! Apparently someone forgot to inform the Pope that being 'Pro-Life' is strickly being anti-abortion, at least according to the American Republican Party. After all, the bottom line is--Big Business comes First.  


Republicans want to give "moral" control over your healthcare to your employer. DON'T LET THEM.

sign the petition 3-d

            Dear Watercolors Angel,; Original Message

Republicans are trying to attach an amendment to the highway funding bill this week that could deny countless women and men access to all sorts of lifesaving healthcare, simply based on the stated beliefs of their employers.

The Right is claiming to stand up for the religious liberty of employers, but this attack is really meant to unravel healthcare reform from within. They want to give employers the power to impose their own religious beliefs on their employees, getting in between Americans and their doctors and taking life and death decisions away from the people who should be making them.

The vote in the Senate this week is just the start. Republican leaders in both the Senate and the House have signaled that this is an election year fight they want to have, and they will be pushing for such utterly extreme legislation repeatedly.

Tell them, "NO." Join our emergency petition now to stop far-right congressmen from giving your employer the power to deny you important healthcare.

Imagine your employer could deny you access to healthcare altogether on the grounds that their religion was opposed to modern medicine and they believed prayer was the best medicine. No exaggeration -- that's how far this amendment by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) goes.

The Obama administration announced a reasonable accommodation on this issue, providing that in the Affordable Care Act mandate for contraception coverage, religiously affiliated institutions that object to contraception as a matter of religious doctrine did not have to pay for that coverage for their employees -- instead, insurance companies would cover the cost. That compromise satisfied the majority of those critical of the mandate before it included that exemption, and has been widely hailed as striking the right balance between religious liberty and women's access to important healthcare.

The GOP and its Religious Right allies have not only moved the goal post with their new overreaching proposal, they have abandoned any pretense that their concern was ever really "religious liberty." This is about the Right's ongoing war on women's health ... about primarily male lawmakers and institutions making decisions for women about their bodies ... about giving employers undue power over their employees' lives ... about granting special privileges to the Religious Right that says the rules shouldn't apply to them ... and it's about trying to destroy healthcare reform.

Tell Republicans you aren't buying their phony "religious liberty" argument. Speak out and make sure Congress stops these attacks on Americans' healthcare.

Thank you for your activism. The country has never needed it more.

--Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager

P.S. This is one more example of how far the Right is willing to go in its anti-choice zealotry. The right-wing decision makers inside Susan G. Komen for the Cure were willing to deny millions of women access to breast cancer screenings in order to hurt Planned Parenthood ... now Republican lawmakers are attacking all Americans' basic access to healthcare and rights so they can deny women contraception. Don't let them.



As a person who has been working for many years for many different employers, I can honestly say that there are employers who care only about the bottom line and only the bottom line. After all, in such businesses as the Cleaning Services, where experience counts for nothing and employees are expendable. The very idea of giving the employer any control over the health care of an employee is basically a 'death sentence'. After all, some bosses are not going to ask what is needed, but only how much it will cost. They are not going to ask if it will save a life, but only if it will save money.