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Monday, February 6, 2012

No More Fracking In Ohio

Democrats take preemptive strike at Kasich for hosting this week's speech in Steubenville
By Marc Kovac Capital Bureau chief COLUMBUS -- The head of the Ohio Democratic Party took a preemptive strike at Gov. John Kasich Monday, on the eve of his historic State of the State speech in eastern Ohio. Chris Redfern said Kasich should give......

Again our governor call 'fracking' - job creation. As if repeating the same old line will make it true. The truth of the matter is 'fracking' is nothing more than 'instant gratification. Yes, there will be jobs today, but all fossil fuel is a limited commodity, which will run out. Unlike solar and wind energy and other re-useable energies which will go on and on and on . . . .  The reality is we can not simply live for today like there is no tomorrow or else there will be no tomorrow.  'Fracking' causes the worst kind of water pollution--it pollutes the ground water.  'Fracking' has already caused several earthquakes in and around Youngstown, with the nuclear power plants that we have in Ohio, can we really afford to play this kind of Russian Roulette. After all, all it will take is to have one earthquake that is larger than anyone expected to hit to close to one of Ohio's nuclear power plant for there to be an absolute disaster.

The question becomes Why; After all, we will have to change from fossil fuels to re-usable energy sooner or later. Ohio should do it sooner. Ohio should take the leadership in fight Global Climate Change with Green Energy. Ohio should take the leadership in creating Green Energy jobs, and there by take the leadership in job creation and in employment. In the short term, it may not be easy, but our children and grandchildren and so on will thank us for it.