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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Manic Kind of Monday

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 At this posting, the petition drive is only up to 120 signatures. Hopefully and Prayerfully, with this posting we can at least double that. After all, For the Love of Mercy, Scotland deserves more support than that. What they did was both courageous, more courageous than the GOP of the U.S.A. would or could ever be. After all, to listen to them, they have sold out to 'Big Business'-not only 'lock, stock and barrel', but also 'body and soul'.  Secondly, we all share this planet, when each and every country that invests in re-usable energies, such as Wind Mill Farms are not only benefiting themselves, but all of us who live on planet--Earth.

today's action Tell Big Oil We Won't Be Bullied
Much of Africa is rich in resources, but in many places the money these resources generate never makes it to the people who need it most. Why? Oil companies make secret deals with African governments, enabling corrupt leaders to put billions into their own pockets.

Two years ago, a hard fought battle led to a law that ensures that oil, gas and mining companies must reveal what they pay. But now, oil company lobbyists are pressuring the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to secretly kill the best parts of the law and keep these deals hidden.

For today's Daily Action, ask the SEC to stand up for transparency and end these closed door deals once and for all.
 The goal is so close to being reached, I believe together we can push it over the top. After all, the African people need the money for desperately need food, clothing and shelter and much much need medicine; far more than the rich need to get even richer.