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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Standing Tall As A Working Person And For Working People


How To Sell More Ads On Your Blog

I previously explained my simple formula for pricing ads on your website. If you missed the article, please read it first here -How Much Should You Charge For Advertising On Your Blog?Now you know . . . . . .

Well, just because this blog is a non-sponsored blog does not mean that I do not support those who do blog for a living. After all, we all must do what we can to make a living, well at least within legal limits.

 After all, having worked at a cleaning service, I have heard the phrase--"You got to do what you got to do."--to justify all manner of lying, cheating and down right stealing, which the Holy Bible condemns. After all, The End Never Justifies The Means, because if the Means need to be Justified then the Means are Wrong.

What can I say, as I write this blog, I am watching the History Channel's Documentary on the "French Revolution".


5 attitudes that lead to job search failure

Plus 5 that lead to success Kaitlin Madden, CareerBuilder Writer Your attitude can make or break your job search. Having a bad attitude -- whether that means you no longer care enough to put effort.. . . . . . .

Speaking of jobs and job hunting, I can only hope that these warnings can help anyone who is looking for a better job. After all, the more people rise into the Middle Class and the more the Middle Class rises--it is better for us all. After all, it is the belief of this blogger that the Middle Class is the 'true backbone of society' be it the American and/or any other country.

Ask the MPAA to reverse its “R” rating of a film produced to help end bullying

Dear Barbara ,
Katy Butler knows how it feels to be bullied. When she was 12, four boys came up behind her. They called her names and shoved her into a wall -- then they slammed a locker on her hand and broke her finger. “I held back tears while I watched them run away laughing,” she says. “I didn’t know what to do so I stood there, alone and afraid.”
So Katy, now in high school, was thrilled when she heard about a new documentary, Bully, that sheds light on America’s bullying epidemic. The film’s distributor, The Weinstein Company, even had plans to screen the film in middle and high schools across America.
But it was just announced that the Motion Picture Association of America has decided to give Bully an “R” rating, meaning no one under the age of 17 can see the movie -- and it can’t be screened in middle and high schools.
Katy thinks it’s ridiculous that the MPAA would prevent teens from seeing a movie that was made specifically to help them fight back against bullying.  
The Weinstein Company appealed the MPAA’s initial decision to give Bully an R rating (unsurprisingly, language used in the film -- especially by bullies -- is coarse). But news broke on Friday that they lost the appeal. According to news sources, a two-thirds vote was needed to change the rating to PG-13 -- but Bully came up one vote shy. Katy thinks it’s time for the MPAA to make an understandable exception for a film that could impact the lives of countless American teens.
Katy knows about the power of online petitions. Last year, when the Michigan legislature was considering a problematic bill to address bullying, Katy and another Michigan teen started a petition asking the legislators to improve the bill -- and it worked.
Thanks for being a change-maker,
- Mark Anthony and the team
This email was sent by to   |   Start a petition
 I confess that I have not started a petition, I have only signed it, but hopefully this blog gets read by someone who knows how to get a petition started, unlike myself.

In the aftermath of the Chardon High School Shooting, where a teenage 'semi-student' came to the school, armed and ready to kill--shooting to the death of two students and wounding 3 others--is yet another reminder of how and why 'Bullying' and all other forms of violence must end. (p.s.--it is my sad duty to update this post--as of 2:42 p.m. e.d/s.t., it has come to my attention that a 3rd student has just died from this shooting--May all 3 now Rest In Peace, even though they were far too young to die)

It is My hope and prayer that by ending this violence, that we can save lives. That no more people, especially the young, will be killed so senselessly and  callously.  After all, it is more than bad enough, that shooting happen in the 'Inner cities'--a.k.a.-'The Hood'; but when it comes to small town America too. Then we are really deep deep trouble. We must find a way to end the violence, before the violence ends America, not just America but the world.   

After all, There Is Syria. . . . . . To be continued.