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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working Kind of Wednesday--Working to get the truth out also

Along with efforts to drug-test the unemployed and deny benefits to those without high school diplomas, Republicans now want to make "volunteer" work a requirement. READ MORE
By Laura Clawson / Daily Kos
Having been unemployed, on food stamps/ welfare and back to being underemployed--After all, I need a full-time job, not a part-time one like I currently have, but then again--I just started this one just over 3 short months ago after spending 6 long months looking for it. I will go back to the roller coaster ride of job hunting, but not yet. After all, first there is a whole lot more about computers and computing that I need to learn to even begin looking for a job in the field that I am interested in--which is as a bank teller, since I have been a cashier. I am now 50 years old; I am now looking for a job that challeges my mind more than my body, because realistically I am not as physical as I use to be--a.k.a as the old song goes--'The old grey mare ain't what she use to be'.

OOOPS, I did it again, I got off subject--The point being, I have been there. I remember how much I hated being unemployed. No one needs to tell an unemployed person to go look for a job, because there are a pile of bills doing that 24/7.  Just as sure as nobody needs to tell me that there is much that I need to continue to study and learn, so that I can qualify for a less physical job.


The Republicans' chosen narrative about Obama's contraceptive coverage betrays a total lack of understanding of the most basic realities of human reproduction. READ MORE
By Joshua Holland / AlterNet

Under the subject of been here and done that--I have been here. After all, one of the young African-American women that I have worked with at the B . . .  & B . . .  Cleaning Service that I once worked for. I will never forget--one 'Kenya' a young woman of child bearing years, who miscarried at least twice, because our boss lady who claimed to have be a HOLY GHOST FILLED--AMEN AND GLORIA HALLELUJAH -BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN--THANK GOD A TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN ACTUALLY FACTUALLY WAS FAR TOO GREEDY AND FAR TOO SELFISH to lighten her work load. As anyone with half a brain knows already, placing physical demands on a pregnant woman causes miscarriage. I remember, me and my co-workers did our best to keep her work load light and to do the harder jobs ourselves--But that Boss Lady(the Holiness, the Righteousness and the WHITEJUSNESS Of  GOD) would just give the people who worked with 'Kenya' more and more and more work to do that eventually the Boss Lady would win and 'Kenya' would miscarry.

 This is exactly why I call this A DIASTER Looking For A Place To Happen-->

GOP: Your Boss Should Control Your Health Care

  GOP: Your Boss Should Control Your Health Care 
NO WAY!!! Some Bosses Are Far Too Greedy and Far too Selfish to Control AnyBody's Health Care!!!! Examines the science and arguments of global warming skepticism. Common objections like 'global warming is caused by the sun', 'temperature has changed naturally in the past' or 'other planets are warming too' are examined to see what the science really says. . . "
Orignally Posted by Capybara on the Mixxingbowl
The Truth is indeed out there! It is up to each of us to read it and spread it and keep spreading it until it is known around the world. Above all, we must take action and do our part.