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Friday, May 4, 2012

2 a more positive and Fun Friday Morning

      8 Eats for Healthy Hair____
8 Eats for Healthy Hair
The food you eat feeds, among other things, the 150,000 hair follicles on your head. Try these foods for glossy locks that are sure to turn heads . . . Read more.
I thought I would pass this on for various reasons. After all, I absolutely had to get off the bitterness rant, which I confess I took too far and for which I am sorry for, especially since they involve mistakes that I made that hurt other, which I do not have a prayer of undoing nor making amends for, which are 'crosses' I will take to my grave.
Secondly, there are certain things that bind all us Women together from the love of Chocolate  (Oh, If Only I could find that cookbook that I lost that had that 'Death By Chocolate' recipe--I remember there was German Chocolate cake mix with regular Milk Chocolate, Fudge Chocolate, White Chocolate and Carmel--but how much of each--I forgot. I remember making it for my sons' T-Ball Picnic and we Mothers ate it all before out children had any chance to, but that is all that I remember)  to how we look like from head to toe, especially our shoes and hair.

I can say that I know because I also receive daily  ;-) --> System takeover 160x601
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OH! YES! Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo--for those who celebrate it and for anyone who may want to start celebrating it and/or for anyone who might want to support CARE2 and the Good that we all get together to do---There is-->

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p.s. I don't know about anyone else, but I am having fun adding gadgets to this blog, which I am still in the process of learning to write, which is why I do not feel comfortable making this a sponsored blog. After all, getting paid to write is one thing, but getting paid to learn to write does not seem fair to me and something I do not feel comfortable even thinking about let alone doing.