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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Morning's Back 2 Reality

Today's Action

Eat Cleansing Foods

It's Monday! Why not start the week off with healthy eating?
Fresh foods like apples and blueberries are "cleansing" foods. They cleanse the detoxification organs in your body like the liver, intestines, kidneys and skin, preventing harmful toxic buildup. That means these foods can ward off the harmful effects of pollution, second-hand smoke, food additives and other toxins.
For today's Daily Action, eat these 15 cleansing foods.
I don't know about anyone else, but I have not seen this 'Action' until today, Tuesday. Oh, well, thus is life. In addition, I don't know about anyone else, but I have yet to do my grocery shopping and this does sound like a good idea and a delicious idea. After all, I love fruit, actually I love eating (period) which is why losing weight is so very hard for me to do: not only that, but also, I confess I have this tendency toward conception,which is why I am definitely going to remember blueberries when I go shopping today.

Will conspiracies theories finallly be put to rest? READ MORE

Speaking of one of my 'pet peeves'--all these conspiracy theories are one of them. IMO it is pure B.S. that there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK. 1) We Americans cannot keep a secret for any length of time; i.e. America's Book of Secrets, which is a television show that if America had any secrets these are them--which proves once again--Americans can not keep a secret for any length of time. 2)The Republicans could not be responsible--After all, if they were then why--Oh Why did not the Democrats use it against President Reagan to keep him from getting re-elected is such a landslide that he was re-elected in-in 1984. 3) The very same thing can be said about the Democrats--if they were responsible then why--Oh, Why did not the Republicans use it to soften the blow of 'Watergate' back in the 70's.--Both, IMO, for the same reason--Neither were responsible, because Oswald Acted Alone. 

The “underground” is always with us. For better and often for worse, it’s how marginalized populations tend to survive—often not very well. READ MORE

THIS IS SO SO VERY VERY TRUE--I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS HERE!!! I ONCE LIVED THIS!! When I was conned into working 'under the table'  for the once legit Cleaning Service. Supervisor 'Jane' may have claim that she and her sister/ boss Lora was doing us a 'favor' by employing us 'tax-free'. No matte how many times she was claiming 'The Holy Spirit', she was not Bull Shitting anyone. The Truth was that no one could afford to quit, Working for them may have been low paying, but at the time working for them was better than no job at all. 

After all, without W-2's we could not claim working credit, which cost us Dearly at tax time. In addition, without W-2's, we could not buy anything on credit, such as a car or apply for credit cards or any thing else--Especially for any Medical services--WHICH MEANT WE NOT ONLY WORKED WITHOUT HEALTH CARE, BUT WE WORKED WITHOUT A WAY TO GET HEALTH CARE ON CREDIT-- BUT THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING ABOUT ALL THEIR LIES AND DECEPTIONS--USE AND ABUSE OF EMPLOYEES THAT THEY WERE ALL SAID AND DONE WHILE HIDING BEHIND THE NAME OF JESUS. That doesn't even include all the Games that they played with paycheckS from Forgetting to mail THEM and waiting for a phone call and conveniently being too busy on paydayS to answer the phone so that the questions of--where's the pay checkS would be ALL recorded on voice mailS-- To filling out the amount wrong--I.E. when pay check should read $350.00, but is written out as Three dollars and fifty--anything to keep an employee from cashing the check on payday--AS IF THAT'S THE WAY JESUS WOULD OPERATE.

This is why I do my very best to pass on every thing I can about jobs and even starting a business, so that no one--no one else on this God's Green Earth get stuck for working for anyone one as ruthless and abusive as I once worked for--BUT AMEN AND GLORI HALLELUJAH--THEY WERE 'HOLY GHOST FILLED CHRISTIAN TEA-PARTY REPUBLICANS--SO EVERY THING 'JANE' AND LORA DID WAS JUSTIFIED AND JUSTIFIABLE. AS IF!!!!