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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reality Check--God Save Wisconsin, also.

Michigan's Koch-Funded Mackinac Center Is Bringing Wisconsin Act 10 Provisions to ALEC's spring meeting. READ MORE
For all the defenders of the Middle and Working Class in the state of Wisconsin--Good fortune and God Speed as you fight the good fight of saving the Middle Class, which is the true Foundation of American Society.
Aftter all, without a 'livable' working wage, there will be no Middle Class, without a Middle Class---The United States will become doomed to becoming an Under-developed country. After all, that is what keeps the Under-developed countries the Under-Developed countries--Under and Un-Employment and only the very Rich and the Very Poor. 

Last year,we Ohioans fought the Good Fight to Keep Republican Gov. Kasich from destroying the Public Sector Unions, which saved many Ohio jobs and Ohio's Economy for which the Republican Party's Candidate Mitt Romney now claims credit for.  
God Forbid the Truth from being told--Reality Check--Ohio's Economy is Improving Dispite Our Governor, Not Because of Our Governor--Reality Check No 2--Selling Out our Environment is short term medeoger gain at a very high long term cost--it is very much penny-1 cent or less--pound(S) foolish.