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Monday, May 21, 2012

Attention! Attention! Today's Action has a time limit, so please read and respond quickly

today's action

Save Schoolkids From Fracking Dangers Before May 26!

Maybe you've heard about the dangers associated with fracking, a.k.a. injecting water, sand and chemicals into the ground to extract oil and gas. It can pollute water and air with toxic chemicals and radioactivity -- in some areas, people can light their drinking water on fire!
Yet a Big Oil and Gas company is planning to build a fracking site next to an elementary school. Moms in Erie, Colorado, where the site is set to be, are working desperately to stop this plan, but they need your help.
Drilling is set to begin *THIS SATURDAY, MAY 26,* so we need to act fast! For today's Daily Action, save school children from the dangers of fracking!
Attention! Attention! There is a Time Limit on this very important Petition. After all, If Colorado Sells Out Their Environment To The Almighty $Dollar$ -- There will be an Impact across the Nation and Around the World.  After all, We either End 'Fracking' or 'Fracking' Will End Us--Life on planet Earth by destroying the ground water from which well water is drawn from and irrigation water is drawn from--Unless someone knows how to survive without a fresh water supply or a fresh food supply.

What we need Are Alternative energy source. What we do not need is attack on Alternative Energy Sources such as-->

Dear Watercolors Angel,
In the past few days, thousands of you took action to save the wind industry in Ohio. We'll only be successful if we can convince our family and friends to join us. Can you forward this email to ten contacts and ask them to take action?

Last year, Ohio was the fastest growing state for wind new installations, growing a staggering 950%. While wind could provide 95.3 percent of the state's current electricity needs, Congress now holds the future of wind development hostage. Ohio stands to lose thousands of jobs, tens of millions of dollars of investment in industry and continue to subject our communities to the toxic output of dirty coal plants. Let your friends know and stand up for jobs and clean energy!

Thanks for all you do for Ohio,

Neil Waggoner
Beyond Coal Campaign
 This is why we must stop providing subsidizes to the oil and gas companies. After all, they are NOT passing on any savings to anyone. These companies have become Too Greedy and Far Too Selfish to have any compassion for anything other than Profit-Profit-Profit. After all, These companies are using this money to destroy the competition-alternative energy, which we be needing, since the supply of oil and gas is Not endless. If we wait until the last drop of oil is used up to start building up alternative energy sources--We Humans will be in Trouble, because no change over can happen that fast or instantaneously, we need to start now--So That The Change over can be less painful. 
In addition, 
This Ohioan has sat though more than enough Attack Ads--Attack Ads that were focused on Democrats-Mostlly against Sen. Sherrod Brown and President Obama--Which started before the Election of 2011--EVEN THOUGH Their Re-Elections Will Be November 2012--  that were funded by the Petroleum PAC. So basically what we Tax Payers are doing is giving these companies Tax Breaks so that they can afford to tell us who not to vote for--THIS MUST END. 
I do not know about anyone else around the world or even in Ohio--But I am one Ohioan who misses the 'Time Out' that we once took for granted between elections. This never ending campaign season--I HATE! After all, Yes--I care about politics, because I care who governs my city, county, state and country--but there is far more to my life than just politics--There is music, the sports of baseball and football, and much more especially learning and growing to do on subjects such as History and Science, not to forget much spiritual growth and learning.