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Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome to the Buckeye State.

My Ohio

Poll: Do You Care About the Horseshoe Casino Opening in Cleveland?

How to you feel about the new close-to-home gambling spot that opens Monday evening?

  Well, personally, I hate driving in Downtown Cleveland and am not a gambler, but between this and the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. It is nice to see some 'night life' starting in Downtown Cleveland. After all, the better the 'night life' is the less likely that the young people will move out.  

This brings me back to me, I'm in my 50's, my 'night life' is watching television before going to sleep.


Watch: Getting Ready for Spring and Gearing Up For National Bike Week

The Greater Akron area will be the scene of many events marking National Bike Week to celebrate and promote cycling May 14 through May 18. Whatever the reason you bike – whether it’s to stay fit, save money or help the environment – there’s probably an a . .. .READ MORE.

National Bike Week--That is good--Very Good--After all, I for one confess that--YES, I do have more -- far more weight that I would like to lose.  Oh, to get back into a size 10 dress of my youth, would be nice, but then not too realistic, so I will settle to how close that I can get.
After all-->

12 Surprising Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors
T12 Surprising Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors Even if you feel just fine, you may be at risk for type 2 diabetes. If any of these risk factors sound familiar, here's what you can do . . . Read more.
Don't we all want to "Live long and Prosper".  This is why I need to do more cardio exercising and burn off all the fat that gather around the abdominal and why I need to De-stress more and eat less.  This is also why I post as much as I can as often as I can about jobs. After all, I have been unemployed and underemployed and again find myself underemployed, under those circumstances paying bills can become very very stressful--Is it any wonder that drinking alcohol increases and/or thoughts of suicide come up--not that either one is the answer to the problem, but hopefully and prayerfully this blog can be of some encouragement. Personally, It is the writer in me that I am very very ThankFull for each and everyone that I can see that found their way here, because It Is my fondest hope to think that--I Am Being READ!!!!!  THANK YOU--THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!!!

For those of us who are Fans of The View--The Good News is--->

         Tuesday, May 15, 2012

President Barack ObamaA whole episode with President Barack Obama! (TV-14)


First Sergeant Robert Pinn The Namesake

The First Sergeant Robert Pinn Armory, or the Stow Armory as it is more commonly referred to, holds two distinctions in Ohio History. First it is the only National Guard Armory that is named for a Civil War soldier, according to Sergeant First Class Joshua Mann, Ohio Army National Guard Historian.
While many residents are familiar with the Armory from attending events there or from driving by the building on Allen Road, most are unfamiliar with the accomplishments behind its namesake.

Biography--Thanks to Wikipedia

Robert A. Pinn was one of only four African Americans from Ohio to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. Pinn was born on a Perry Township farm and the sixth of 10 children born to William and Zilphia Penn. He attended school and worked on the farm until he was 18.
Pinn joined the Army in Massillon, Ohio, and by September 29, 1864, he was serving as a First Sergeant in Company I of the 5th U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment, also known as the 127th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. On that day, his unit participated in the Battle of Chaffin's Farm in Virginia, and it was for his actions during the battle that he was awarded the Medal of Honor six months later, on April 6, 1865.
Pinn returned to Massillion after the war where he worked as a contractor and teamster. In 1874 he entered Oberlin College and after graduation served as principal of Cairo High School and taught school in South Carolina. After teaching, Pinn returned to Massillion and read in the law office of Robert H. Folger. Pinn was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1879.
Pinn was married to Emily J. Manzilla, (deceased 1890) and they had a daughter Gracie R. Pinn (deceased 1938). Pinn died at age 67 and was buried in Massillon City Cemetery, Massillon, Ohio.
In 1973, the Ohio National Guard named its new armory in Stow, Ohio, in his honor.
In 1998, the shooting facility at the University of Akron was renamed the Robert A. Pinn Shooting Range in his honor. The range, used by the university's ROTC component and NCAA rifle team, is one of the premier shooting facilities in the state of Ohio.[1]

Yes, Let us all due Honor and Respect to the late First Sergeant Robert A. Pinn.

         Medal of Honor citation

Medal of honor old.jpgRank and Organization:
First Sergeant, Company I, 5th U.S. Colored Troops. Place and date: At Chapins Farm, Va., September 29, 1864. Entered service at: Massillon, Ohio. Born: March 1, 1843, Stark County, Ohio. Date of issue: April 6, 1865.