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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning Mix of Why I fight the good fight.

ALEC has worked with the energy industry to create loophole-filled water protections and opposes federal oversight of fracking. READ MORE

This is why we must stop 'Fracking'!  We must stop 'Fracking', before we have no other choice-but to buy bottled water.  After all, that may be expensive, but it is at least doable for drinking--BUT FOR DRINKING ONLY.  WHAT ABOUT OUR CROPS??? What kind of food will we harvest IF we irrigate it with polluted water?  Can THAT Food actually be eatable and nutritious?? 

In My Opinion, we need to call this what I believe all evidence show that it is --Corporate Greed at its worst--in this case the Private Water Industry sabataging its competion-- the public water systems. 

6 Tips for Changing Any Work Habit Painlessly | Business - Want to change an old habit? You probably should: One study determined that over 40% of the “decisions” we make every day aren’t really decisions. They’re habits.Much of the time we don’t really ma...
 There is more and more Scientific proof and Medical evidence that regardless of age--we Humans never stop learning, so any bad habit that we have--we can out grow and move away from.  Old habits may be hard to break-But Not Impossible.

Overcome Your Work Addiction - Leslie A. Perlow - HBS Faculty - Leslie A. Perlow is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School. She is the author of Sleeping With Your Smartphone (HBR Press, 2012). 1:58 PM Wednesday May 2, 2012 b . . . .
Yes, work is necessary. Yes, we all need to make enough money to buy food, pay bills, buy clothes and still be able to donate it to causes we believe in and still take time off from work to relax and regenerate ourselves and to spend time with family.
After all, that was a lesson that I had to learn the hard way, after months of unemployment, I made the biggest mistake in my life that was taking a job at a Cleaning Service, which after a few weeks I could not quit, since the manager assigned me to work with the Supervisor with the absolute worst reputation of verbally abusing her workers, This was more than my German/Eastern European Temper could take, so after she yelled and cursed me in my face--so somewhere over 7 years ago, I did what I never thought that I would do-(Probably after all that yelling and cursing she did to me--I stopped hearing myself think and simply got pushed into reacting) I did hit her--I only wish that I hitted her harder, because this was a set up so that I was basically a prisoner of that cleaning service--I had no other choice but to make it work, because how could I go job hunting with a police record.  I was told that she, that supervisor, was fired, but by a boss who would be caught in one lie and deception after another, so what the real fate of that supervisor really was--is and will always remain unknown.
That was the one and only time that I did anything like that because that was not me--I am not a Violent Person--Yes, I rant--But I am a Barker-Not a Biter--Until or Unless . . . I am cornered without a place to escape like at that work sight, where I was driven way out to an unknown location by the person who was yelling and cursing me in my face--who not only had the authority but the control of the car keys.
After that I started working as many hours as I could to pay my own bills, instead of continually going to my Father for more and more, which left me disconnected from many people and even with no time to go to church, even though I was working for "Holy Ghost Filled Christians" who called working for them--serving God to the utmost degree. (p.s.--This was the very first time that I wrote about my arrest many years ago and yet it still hurts beyond words--I was never mistreated so badly that to turn to violence I would have never though that I would. After all, I am a firm believer in talking things out--And then for her to call the police on me after she was the one in my face yelling and cursing--did hurt deeply--My punishment did out weigh the crime--After all, even the police who arrested me were telling each other that "We are arresting the wrong person" but I did confess to what I did--so it was too late to cut the losses. After all, what I still do not know about the law still fills volumes.--Lord--Help me, Jesus--Not to become bitter--but a better, more compassionate person to all who suffer--having tasted suffering myself--let vengeance by YOUR JOB--let compassion and empathy be mine--this I can only hope and pray for--I am deeply sorry for the many time that I fall short--Lord Help me--Jesus to actually become.)

This is also how and why I know Good Jobs with Good Companies is an Absolute Necessity in life, because The Bad ones can do far more damage to us than Cancer. Here is hoping that no one else makes the mistakes that I have made and not suffer from them. After all, my mistake created a fear that I destroyed my reputation and out of fear could not quit my job for far too long of a time, which my boss knew and took full advantage of.

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