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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On This May Day

In his new book, Rory O'Connor traces the impact of social media on how we get our information -- and who we trust to bring it to us. He tells AlterNet all about it. READ MORE

So I have been told by my old son who informed me that when there was that School Shooting in Chardon, Ohio--The way that most, if not all, parents found out that their children were OK was by Tweets. 

The party's also-rans called Mitt a cold-hearted opportunist, a vulture capitalist and a flip-flopper -- and then they endorsed him. READ MORE

Sounds like something to think about--before we vote.

Right-wingers seem to have a deep-seated fear of women's sexual rights. READ MORE
 Thank You for Reading--Enough Said. After all, the well informed Voter is our greatest weapon against Tyranny--The Tyranny of the UN-Holy Alliance of the Republican Party with Ultra-Conservative Christians.

Using the language of "choice," school voucher proponents are pushing hard to destroy the separation of church and state in public schools. Here's how they're doing it. READ MORE

And, Yet, The Religious Right Still Whines and Cry about Religious Persecution. The Religious Right have unfortunately not only Hi-Jacked most of Christianity, but also the Republican Party, which is why the more Democratic Victories the better--After All, It has been said that--"When Fascism comes to America-it will be waving the flag and carrying a Cross." which can not be allowed to happen.
The one and only way that we Americans are going to keep our Rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights is IF we fight and continue to fight for them, lest we lose them through this UN-Holy Alliance of Conservative Christianity and the Republican Party.
After all, children in Public School have the right to practice whatever faith that their parents practice or not practice. Most Importantly--Forcing people to 'Goose step' behind the Cross of Jesus Will NOT Build Up the Church of Jesus Christ--BUT DESTROY IT--WHICH IS WHY IT MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE ANY MORE DAMAGE TO The Church of Jesus Christ happens.
Let it not be continued to be said as my old son told me--Yesterday-he caught an episode of 'Touched By An Angel' "which brought back fond memories of when Christianity was a sane religion."

Justice for Janitors! 

'These are unsung heroes who do the work that others will not and many do not even realize that its being done.'
CNN iReport producer

Republicans say that--We women cannot do Math--yet how many of Us Mother balance the Family Budget--Yes, We Women should continue to do the Math--Look how many times and ways that the Republicans have turned against Us Women. Yet, There are some Women who are considering 'Stabbing themselves and all other Women in the back' by voting for the Anti-Womanhood Republican Party.

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