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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walk a mile in your ideological counterparts' shoes...if you dare. READ MORE
Good Question-Excellent Question-Suberb Qustion-If only I knew the answer. After all, I unfortunately have bitter experience here, which I tried my very best to work around, because I was concerned that I could not afford to quit my job. BUT, Having had worked in a very small Cleaning Service, which was owned and operated by a pair of sisters and very much non-Union, who 'by the Power of the Holy Spirit' could and would break any and every law that they deemed necessary in order to make a 'Devine Profit' I was a Witness of all the Supervisor's fears, but the official boss was her younger sister, so to argue with the Supervisor was basically saying--Please Fire Me.

After all, there is only thing that I will never forget and that is the price that a former co-worker Dan is paying or has paid, because it took me too long to put the pieces of the puzzle too long to put together. Unfortunately, that all was happening when I was working as many hours as I could to make enough money to pay my bills on my own without having to go to the family for more. This was not easy since 'Their God' forbid them from paying overtime, even thought I was working 100+hours every 2 weeks, by the time that 'Jane' became my Supervisor again and came in (what was then Lutheran High School-West--the building that we-Mary and I were cleaning, basically on our own) as the 'All Wise And All Knowing one, as if we knew nothing about cleaning it, even though that was what we had been doing.
True confession, the reason that I am only using first names is because we were forbidden to know each others full name, we had a boss, a supervisor and a secretary who made sure of that, looking back they most likely did that out of a fear of Unionizing.
But back to Dan, who one day was punished for calling off the day before, because he said that his diabetes was acting up and was not well-enough to come to work, but 'Jane'--'Holy Ghost Filled Pain In The A$$-Jane' decided that she knew that she knew that he was faking it--so she assigned him the hardest job to do on his own and only by himself, which was to clean up a bathroom where the tenant had died and laid there dead until he was finally found days later. Later there were rumors that Dan was suing for Workman's Comp, but with all the secrets that those two kept and how quick they were to fire anyone and everyone who asked too many questions--These 'Holy Ghost Filled Christians' kept everyone in too much fear of unemployment to ask too many questions, which was how these 'Holy Ghost Filled Christians' created and maintained control over employees by creating and maintaining confusion.

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This video, circulated by the website, "Good As You," has gone viral--in a negative way--this week. It features a pastor in North Carolina, which is currently embroiled in a political fight over a proposed amendment to ban gay marriage, telling congregants to "beat the gay" right out of their kids.
There's really little to be said besides: this is utterly appalling, and shows how far we have to go as a culture. This kind of talk should never be acceptable anywhere, in jest or in earnest.  I quote:    Read more