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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Environmental Action to Save Lives

today's action Rally for Clean Air

The EPA has proposed first-ever limits on life-threatening carbon pollution from coal power plants – pollution that is known to create smog that causes asthma attacks and even permanent lung damage. We need your help fighting back against big polluters who are pouring millions into efforts to derail the new standards before they are ever implemented.

Today, public health officials, scientists, and concerned citizens from across the country are traveling to Washington, DC and Chicago to testify at EPA hearings in favor of the new standard.

For today's Daily Action, join the rally for clean air and help support the health of our communities over the bottom line of polluters.  

ACTION ALERT: Urge the Ohio House of Representatives to Vote Down the State's New Drilling Rules! PLEASE SIGN !

The Ohio Senate passed a bill last week that outlines new regulations for horizontal shale drilling in the state. Dozens of environmentalists testified yesterday before the House Public Utilities Committee in order to express concerns that the bill

How the Private Water Industry Is Teaming Up With ALEC

By Sarah Pavlus / American Independent News Network 


Independent Test Results Show Fracking Flowback Emissions Are Dangerous Toxic Chemicals



This upcoming Election is as much about the Environment as it is about jobs. What the United States needs are more Green Energy Jobs. The reality that we need to face is the temporary jobs that come with Fossil Fuels come with too high of a cost.  How high of a cost is water pollution--This high-->


Retired Marine Sergeant Jerry Ensminger thought the water that came out of his taps at the Camp Lejeune military base in North Carolina was safe. It's the water he bathed his daughter Janey in and the water he gave her to drink. But it was also the water that killed her.
Jerry's daughter Janey was diagnosed with childhood leukemia when she was 6 years old, and died three years later in 1987.
In the following years, Jerry asked himself again and again why Janey got sick when they had no family history of cancer. Then, he learned what the Marine Corps had known for decades: the water at Camp Lejeune was contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals, poisoning the water and the people there. But instead of telling people, the Marines covered it up.
Today, the government refuses to pay for medical treatments for veterans and their family members who were poisoned. So Jerry started a petition on to get other veterans' families the health care they need to fight the effects of Camp Lejeune's water.

As many as 200,000 people who worked and lived at Camp Lejeune between 1957 and 1987 have gotten sick and even died from leukemia, birth defects and various cancers tied to the poisoned water.
But Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki said just last month that he thinks providing health care to veterans of Camp Lejeune would be "premature." But for Jerry, taking responsibility for what happened to the water and families at Camp Lejeune wouldn't be premature -- it's more than a decade overdue.
Jerry's struggled with the loss of his daughter for decades, and has since fought to make sure the Marines take care of those who were exposed to the chemicals at Camp Lejeune and are still alive. He started his petition on in the hope that it will focus attention on this issue while there's still time left for other veterans and their families.
Thanks for being a change-maker,
- Corinne and the team

>>>Which is Too High of a Cost, which was why I passed on the e-mail that I received from and request that these petitions be considered and signed--Thank you for your readership and support. After all, Together there is much good that can be done for our environment; a.k.a our lives and the lives of future generations and generations yet to come.
The Marine Corps knew there were toxic chemicals in the drinking water at a U.S. base, but they didn't tell military families -- and they won't pay for medical treatments either. Tell the Veterans Administration to pay for medical treatments for Marine veterans and their families who were exposed to toxic chemicals in the water at Camp Lejeune.