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Friday, May 11, 2012

p.s. AS IF . . .

(Image credit: Joe Heller)

THIS is what happens when $MONEY$ is left to do  ALL the Talking. That is if we-Good responsible people let 'Big Business' and 'The Far Right' do all the talking, because they have proven time and time again that neither are capable of doing anything other than promote their own self interests--they have proven time and time again that they are united under self interests and greed and the Republican Party.


      Offshore Wind Energy Picking Up Speed

After all, the reality is-->

Offshore Wind Energy Picking Up Speed                                                                                                                         


and IF there is NO War on Women's Rights then could some one please--Oh please Explain this-->

House GOP Blocks Domestic Violence Spending BumpHouse GOP Blocks Domestic Violence Spending Bump

 Yesterday House Republicans voted down an amendment to an appropriations bill that would have increased funding for the Violence Against Women Prevention and Prosecution Programs by $20 million, leaving no doubt that the GOP in no way takes the issue of violence against women seriously. . . .

Yet these are the very same politicians who constantly defend tax cuts for the Rich, that was defended even before the Recession that IF these tax cuts worked so well--WHY OH WHY DID WE HAVE A RECESSION IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!?!?  BUT--THEN AGAIN--THE CAUSE OF 'Big Business' is more important than Women's Rights.