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Monday, May 14, 2012

Here Is 2 Being Heard and 2 Making a Difference 4 the Better

Protect Everyone's Right to VoteNothing is more fundamental to our democracy than the right to vote. While we claim to be a democratic society, laws restricting our right to vote are deteriorating our freedoms.

We are still constantly battling voter suppression in the U.S.: blatant, discriminatory attempts to silence certain voices. We need to make sure our right to vote is protected!»

In some states, discriminatory voter identification laws are keeping minorities and seniors from exercising their voting rights. Voter ID systems are in place in other states that make it difficult for homeless to vote; however, it is incredibly important for people living in poverty to have their voices heard, too.

These are only a few examples of the attacks threatening Americans' right to vote. We need to actively fight for these freedoms in order to keep them from being taken away. Sign the petition to join the movement fighting for every American's right to vote!»

After all, this election more than any other election, We the people must and need to vote, each and every one of Us, because we all have too much to risk losing in this election unless each and every voice is heard--VOICES ARE HEARD ON THE BALLOT AS EACH VOTE IS COUNTED AND WHEN THEY ADD UP THE CAN BE HEARD ALL THE WAY TO WASHINGTON D.C.

 Dear Reader, I am also passing this e-mail/ petition on for your consideration and 4 Women's Health and 4 Women's Rights, but above all else 4 the Future of both.
Share Your Story For the past year, we've been collecting stories from patients and supporters across Ohio.  Today, we're launching a new blog to showcase those stories: Ohio Women For Planned Parenthood.   Here you’ll be able to read about the women who have come to rely on Planned Parenthood for confidential, non-judgmental, quality health care.  Some rely on us for birth control or STD testing and others tell the story of how we saved their lives through vital cancer screenings.

You are invited to send in your own story.  By talking openly about the services we've all received at Planned Parenthood, we hope that politicians will start to open their eyes to the value of annual exams, birth control, prevention and treatment of STDs, and life-saving breast and cervical cancer screenings.

You can also take action right here, right now.  Sign this petition to oppose the defunding of Planned Parenthood in Ohio.  It will send a clear message to Statehouse politicians who want to take away women's access to their trusted health care provider: Not Here, Not Now.

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P.S. I personally do not have a story to tell on the matter, BUT I understand and respect the fact that many may, for those who do have a personal story to share, please go to -->> And Thank You for having the courage to even think about sharing.

I am also Passing On for your consideration-->
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