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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Morning on this Planet Green in a place called Stow in the State of Ohio . . .

 With the signing of a new expanded conscience clause bill in Kansas, Republican Governor Sam Brownback has now legally blessed a virtually open-ended number of situations in which "religious" workers can refuse to assist women under the guise that they believe they "may be" terminating a pregnancy.
Advocates of the law argue that it "updates existing law." But by changing the law to include refusal to administer any drug that they believe may terminate a pregnancy, it opens the door to refusal of birth control and emergency contraception -- both of which many anti-choice medical workers and pharmacists erroneously charge end very early pregnancies rather than preventing conception. The law could also allow refusal of even more medically-necessary drugs simply because they may relate to abortions.     Read more

THIS SCARES ME! I do not know about anyone else, but I confess I am very good at jumping to Wrong--sometimes Very Wrong conclusions. The problem with this is what if the pharmacist in question jumps to a wrong conclusion? What if that Wrong Conclusion costs the patient more than mere money, but their health or worse--their life?
We Humans make mistakes--Lord Help me Jesus--I know because I have made MANY MISTAKES over the years and decades of my life and no doubt will continue to make More Than my share, BUT THIS LAW IS A MISTAKE! It gives the pharmacist the authority to Play Judge, Jury--Judge the woman Guilty of having an abortion and decide that she should not have it and refuse to fill her prescription because she is supposingly doing something that is outside of what the pharmacist call moral law--AS IF the pharmacist should have the right to tell anyone how to live their lives any more than this blogger--NOT!
After all, one thing that I did learn is that the reason we Humans should let the Holy Spirit do His job and not try to do His job of convicting people is because only the Holy Spirit can do the job like the Holy Spirit can--when we Humans try to do it--we do it too heavy handed with an anger that does more to start a fight or even worst than that we sometimes do it with the attitude of Superiority as if we can 'Bully' a person into becoming a  _____; which again are more likely to start a fight or war than to convict a person of their sin--This is why I believe we need to tread carefully when it comes to matters of Faith and Religion, we must respect each others differences--in short agree to disagree, until we meet someone who wants to know about Jesus and Christianity.
THIS LAW once again is another attack on Women's Rights and We Women are suppose to believe that the Republican Party is not waging a War against us Women--how many more laws like this need to be written before we Women will be permitted to Fight Back???

Speaking of Fighting Back, since the Polar Bear cannot defend themselves against Global Warming or from us Humans, We Humans should start defending them.

today's action

Stop the Polar Bear Extinction Plan

The polar bear was the first mammal added to the endangered and threatened species list solely because of threats from global warming. But now, officials in the United States are unearthing an old President Bush-era regulation that would sharply reduce polar bears' protections.
The rule would exempt any activities outside of polar bears' range from regulation. That means that even though global warming put polar bears on the Endangered Species List, the power plants, cars and other carbon polluters responsible for their decline won't have to do anything to clean up their act and save the bears.
For today's Daily Action, stand up for polar bears and sign the petition opposing any rules that give polar bears less protection from deadly climate change.