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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

W.I.W.W.T.R.R.--Part II

Barbara, that’s the headline of a recent article in The Nation. It’s also the defining challenge of this campaign.

I’ve spent my career fighting the influence of powerful special interests on behalf of middle class Americans. Now I need your help -- because those special interests are striking back. 

Special interest spending in this race is up to nearly $6.6 million. It’s critical that we show our strength in response. Help us hit $1 million in our No Fear Fund with a contribution right now.

The Nation article I mentioned gets right to the heart of the matter:
“It’s important for the public to understand why this much money is being spent by the Chamber to defeat Brown. On virtually every issue area, he has upset the corporations that fund the Chamber, and those corporations now want to get rid of him....If Brown is defeated, it will send a clear message to other senators willing to challenge Big Money: If you stand up to us, we will make sure you’re unseated. “
But think about the message we could send -- to my fellow Senators, to the special interests, and to people across the country who have grown cynical about politics -- if we fight back and win.

That’s the message you can send by making a contribution right now to help my No Fear Fund reach $1 million in May.

My opponent is relying on special interests in this campaign -- and they’re helping him because they know they can rely on him to help them in the Senate.

I am more than happy to run on my record. But if right-wing special interests continue to spend like this -- we have to be ready to fight back.

So help us out! A contribution of $5 or $10 right now will help us meet our goal. Let’s get our No Fear Fund up to $1 million to fight against the special interests before the end of May.

My whole career has been about standing up for the people like you. But when it comes to big money politics, I’m the underdog. And I need you to stand up with me.

Thank you,

I am passing this on, because I know that this is true, because I am living through it. I have sat through one attack ad after another and another . . . since EVEN before the Election of November 2011. This never ending campaign season that the Republican Party's PAC is responsible--I am more than mad as Hell at this(Never Ending Campaign Season) I AM FIGHTING MAD ABOUT IT and am fighting back with every ounce of energy that I have within me and with every penny that I can!!!!!THIS IS WAR!!!!
After months and months of the Ohio Republican Party making living in Ohio a living Hell--I am as Mad as Hell and am not going to take it any more!!!!!  THIS IS WHY WE INDEPENDENTS  NEED AND MUST (IMHO) UNITE WITH THE DEMOCRATS IN FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT--IF Those Republicans lose by a big enough margin--Maybe--Just Maybe--They will learn their lesson that their never ending campaign season made them too much of a Pain In the A$$ 2 Vote 4!!!!!!
THANK GOD--THE CLEVELAND INDIANS PLAY AT HOME TONIGHT--After all, politics may be a passion of mine, but Politics Are Not My Life, which is why I hate the never ending campaign season soooo very very very much.
Yes, I know I am ending this blog on a negative note, 4 which I am very sorry 4 doing, but the only way that I can see this ending on an up beat would be after the election on Nov. 2012 with the Republican Party of Ohio facing across the board defeats for what they are doing Against Ohio.