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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back 2 Reality Part II

Check Out These Awesome Startup Employee Perks - This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Startup life isn’t ea...

Perks and benefits go a long way to keep employees from leaving and working hard.After all, few if any businesses grow when managers are the kind of bosses that no one works for -- for very long. Take the Cleaning Service that I use to work for--for example. It was incorporated as a small business in 1984 and remained a small business if not an even smaller business now than when it first got started.

ResumeBear: Some Help For Struggling Job Seekers - If you’re looking to get to work right now, Tom Busby has five tips to give your job hunt a boost. Busby is the founder and CEO of DTI, the Diversified Trading Institute. He’s bringing his wealth o...

Enough Said.

Take Back Your Life in Seven Simple Steps - Tony Schwartz - Harvard Business Review - In my most recent blog, I wrote about how we've allowed technology to take a pernicious toll on our attention, and in turn, on our creativity, our resilience, our relationships and, ultimately, our...

This is also why minimum wage jobs need to be also a living wage. After  all, the less a person makes per hour the more hours they need to work for such luxuries as food  clothing and shelter, which also means no sick days off- no matter how sick a person is. The bottom line is the more people’s lives are swallowed up by their jobs –the more society pays the price.  After all, If a parent is working 90 hours a week just to pay bills, with what time and what energy are they spending time with their children??  This is why we still need Unions  and why ‘Big Businesses’ and ALL businesses need to pay a livable wage—is good for all.

How to Be Happier at Work - Leonard A. Schlesinger, Charles F. Kiefer, and Paul B. Brown - Harvard Business Review - It would be nice to think that you're going to be just as excited about going to work tomorrow as you were on your first day on the job. But between increased workloads caused by your company's rel...

And then sometimes, we all just got to make the most out of a bad situation. I don't know about anyone else; but I confess that the only reason that I work is because of all the bills that I have to pay. If I could have an endless supply of money--without working--I would love to do many things and go many places and what not--But unfortunately, I live in the Real World where that is either impossible and/or illegal.

Motivate Your Workforce: Be Curious - A five-step assignment to convey your interest in your team, and spur a sense of belonging. I recently spoke with a CEO about his workforce. He felt his team wasn't very motivated and asked me what..

Interesting, maybe even I could become an Assistant Manager or Manager, even though I am not naturally a leader. I am a far better follower than leader, but then again, I am still learning to be me. I may be 50+ years old, but God is not done with me, yet--I am still a work in-progress.

Denmark's eco-fashion crusader

Copenhagen, Denmark (CNN) -- Be prepared, the next big thing facing a green makeover might just be your closet.
Campaigning for sexy, sustainable fashionThe glitzy world of fashion and design doesn't typically conjure up images of sustainability and social consciousness, but if its up to Eva Kruse, CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute and Chairman of the Nordic Fashion Association, that's all going to change.

Ah, Good-Excellent-Superb--A social and ecological conscious business, what the world needs more of.

Then, again, with any luck and a wing and a prayer may be--just maybe one or all of these can help someone--somewhere--somehow.

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