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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Morning Before the Rally

alternative action Breakfast Makes Kids Smarter
We've all heard someone say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but now there are ome new stats to back up just how crucial it is. For today's Secondary Action, learn how a school district combatted violence with improved classroom performance with breakfast.
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My brief, backbreaking, rage-inducing, low-paying, dildo-packing time inside the online-shipping machine. READ MORE

Oh, Yes, THIS IS SOOOO TRUE. I know! After all, I have been here too; but in my case it was a Cleaning Service working for a pair of Right-Wing Social Conservative Republicans. 
This is why Good Jobs are needed and Unions must be saved. After all, Sometimes the ones who Lie, Cheat and Steel the Most--Really believe that they can be Justified if the Do it in the Name of Jesus--The Name that Sometimes Evil people Hide Behind.
Mitt Romney is a bully. And he's just right for the GOP. READ MORE

After all,like I said, I HAVE BEEN HERE! After all,the only ones 'Jane' and Lora ripped off were employees whom they decided were Guilty of 'Witchcraft'. They were good at talking about doing people favors, but if there was a closer examination of the 'favor'; they gained the most and some how, some way the employee on the receiving end--really loss. 
I know, because I have been here. How could I forget that after my house fire, they did me the 'favor' of giving me an 'expensive antique table (THE LORD JESUS CHRIST LEAD THEM TO GIVE ME OR SO THEY SAID)--which if I ever needed the money would net me thousands of dollars'--Well thanks to them and their back stabbing bad advice--I did end up WITH A LOSS OF WELL OVER 3,000 dollars and did need the money from the 'antique table' only to find out that it real value was only a fraction=(1/100)-- of what they and THE BLESSED LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST CLAIMED IT WAS WORTH---THEY SAID THAT THE LORD LEAD THEM TO GIVE ME THE TABLE---IF ONLY--IF ONLY--IF ONLY THE LORD COULD HAVE LEAD THEM TO TELL ME THE TRUTH--THE ACTUAL FACTUAL TRUTH--OF HOW MUCH THE TABLE WAS REALLY WORTH--IF ONLY TRUTH AND GRACE DID COME BY JESUS--IF ONLY! BUT look on the bright side they probably claimed a donation of thousands of dollars on the company's income taxes which probably lead to a tax refund of thousands of dollar more that they were really entitled to--Thank God it was the Holy Spirit stealing from Uncle Sam and not any one stealing from the Holy Spirit or else these two Holy Ghost filled Christians--'Jane' and Lora-- would have ended up like Ananias and his wife, Sapphira--Book of Acts.  
And, Yet, Some People Wonder Why 'Some' People Renounce Their Christian Faith--Is There Really Any Wonder--Is There Really?!?!?!?

Congress has removed nearly every consumer protection from student loans, including bankruptcy protections, statutes of limitations and truth in lending requirements. READ MORE

Enough Said.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon should explain why a megabank that accidentally loses billions is good for the economy. READ MORE

Are there still any questions--Why Regulations Are Needed??? Why those who see that those Regulations are enforced Need to be funded, with or without the Republican Party.