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Friday, May 18, 2012

T.G.I.F 4 The Well Being of All--Part II

  • alternative action

    Help Women Stop Hearing "Credit Denied"

    Stop Telling Women in Developing Nations
    Day in and day out, thousands of impoverished women across the developing world hear these words: Credit denied. For today's Secondary Action, ask Secretary of State Clinton to give her full support to programs that say YES to women around the world seeking small business loans!

    5 Job Search Tips for 2012

    A new year means a new start, a new perspective, and breaking old habits. Before making your resolutions, consider revamping your job search tactics. Job search trends of 2011 included creating the...

    After all, there is one thing that I know about myself--I Am Not A Leader. I am a good worker as in I am not afraid to work up a sweet, but I am not a leader. By the way, this also applies to the following. For all job seeker, Good Luck and God Speed and remember like they said in the movie--"The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" --"It all works out well in the end--If it is not yet well then it is not yet the end."

    The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site

    The incumbent will be involved in Grant Awards with responsibility for negotiating and issuing subgrants and amendments for various SAO programs. Agency:  Smithsonian Location:  Cambridge,Massachus...

  • What Blog Tasks are You Embarrassed to Admit You’ve Overlooked? : @ProBlogger

    Over the last few days we’ve been talking about taking your blog to the often-elusive “next level.” We’ve seen tips for developing your voice and message, creating stronger calls to action, and inc...
    This is where I have no shame--the truth of the matter is--This blogger is learning to blog by blogging. I hope and pray that people read and continue to read this blog. After all, I once had dreams of being a Writer and like any other Writer--I hope and pray for readers.
    By the way, If anyone has any suggestions at all of how to make this blog more reader friendly--please do leave a comment. After all, I know that there is room for this blog to improve--Thank You.

    12 LinkedIn gaffes to avoid at all costs

    LinkedIn is a social media platform for professional networking. It is also currently the largest professional networking community in existence, with more than 100 million users in more than 200 c...

    And, Again, I hope that this helps. Then, again, for those who have saved up enough Butterfly Credits--There are also many other ways to be of economic assistance, by investing -->


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     Kiva   10,000 credits


     10,000 credits 
    Thank you for your time, your consideration and hopefully and prayfully and most personally for your readership.