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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fighting the Good Fight, This Evening Begins again.

Watch an excerpt of the ABC News interview, released today, in which President Obama affirms his belief in marriage equality:

Dear Reader, Yes-We do need to Thank President Obama, because this is a Fight For Equality and Against the Lie and Deception that it is A War on Marriage--We must Fight the Good Fight For Equality and For Truth and For Justice.
Today’s announcement marks a proud day for our country and for the President. For those of us who have been working towards marriage equality for many years, the impact of having the support of the President of the United States is incredibly powerful. As President Obama made clear in his comments today, marriage equality for all people is an idea whose time has come. Despite setbacks like the results from North Carolina last night, it’s more obvious than ever that the momentum is on our side.

In recent years, more and more Americans have come to understand that preventing loving same-sex couples from getting married causes real harm to the people they care about. In families and communities across the country, Americans are coming to the same conclusion as the President: when two people make a public commitment to love and care for each other, that’s a marriage no matter what the gender of the people involved.

Today the President did the right thing. For thousands of supporters who donated, canvassed and phone banked to help elect Barack Obama in 2008, this is a powerful reminder of why we felt so passionately about this President in the first place.

Now, we must redouble our efforts to knock down one of the biggest barriers to full legal equality nationwide: the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
With your continued dedication to core American values like Equality, and your support of our work expand the promise of our country and our Constitution to all families, together, we’ll Dump DOMA and achieve basic fairness for all: the American Way.

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This is too Important of an E-Mail for me to keep to myself--Thank You for Your Time and Consideration and I hope and pray that you too look within yourself and find to Courage to Fight the Good Fight With Me and All Who beleive that all people were created Equal, regardless Race, Creed, Color, Religion, Gender, Gender Preference and Gender Identification.  After All, the Far-Right is already united against us, claiming that we are fighting a War on Marriage,  by agreeing that homosexuals have the right to join in.