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Thursday, May 3, 2012


today's action Support Maternal Health Worldwide
Childbirth is an incredible and life-changing experience for women. Sadly, for many women in developing countries, their lives aren't changed for the better. Poor access to quality maternal health means that far too many lose their newborn children and suffer tremendous damage to their body during birth.
Leaders around the world, including Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have pledged to fund efforts to improve maternal health for every woman. Harper, in fact, pledged $1 billion just two years ago, yet has made very little effort to live up this to promise.
For today's Daily Action, stand up for moms everywhere and urge PM Harper to live up to his pledge and make maternal health a priority!

That, the life-changing experience of Motherhood is soo true--soo very true. After all, I am sitting here blogging on the day before my older son graduates from the University of Akron with is Bachlor's Degree in Education, History and Political Science.

Sometimes I can still remember the me that was before he and my young son were born, back when the world revolved around me and what I wanted and then he was born and he and later he and his brother became my first priority and the future became my second.

Now it feels strange, now that the nest is basically empty, now my other priority is my own growth again, because I am needed to be the inspiration for younger brother to become more, which is strangely challenging, because now it feels strange to be that  self-centered, again.

Life is, indeed, strange, as it continues to evolve, who knows may one of these decades I might actually learn the answers to life's questions.

PLEASE SIGN & SPREAD: Save the Coelacanth Bay

The coelacanth really is a living fossil. Thought to have died out some 65M years ago, a few of these ancient fish are still swimming near the African coast. But now plans for a new port threaten the population as their habitat could soon be desttroyed.

ENOUGH SAID--Thank you for your time and consideration, most especially If You have signed--THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU.

Next time you fill up your tank, remember that $10 to $25 is going right from your pocket to the financial sector. READ MORE

Yet, the Petroleum Industry still sponsors/ pays for ads that claim that President Obama is responsible for the rising gas prices. This is why I have said and will continue to say that - The Well-Informed Voter is the Republican Party's Greatest Fear. Is it any wonder that the Republican Party has Fox News around to keep that from happening?!?!?!?

But, then, again--If we--the United States- were doing more with alternative energy then the games that Wall Street plays with the prices would become null and void--hint-hint.

But, until then, there is always-->

With all the environmental issues, questionable practices of big oil companies, and the outrageous expense, it can be painful to watch the price climb higher and higher at the gas pump. Yet, at the same time, if you depend on your car to get around, you can’t really avoid forking over the big bucks at the gas station.

There are ways to reduce your fuel consumption, however!
For today's Daily Action, try out these nine ways to save gas and help our environment!

>"The ones who scream the loudest about how godly they are often turn out to be the exact opposite." < READ MORE

 As I have blogged many times before--this is soo true. I know from the bitter experience of having worked under and I do mean under, since she, the supervisor who had power to over the hours that I worked and where I worked and most especially IF I worked (work = pay; no work = no pay) also demanded that no one argue or question anything and everything that she and her HOLY SPIRIT Proclaimed as Truths, from each and everyone whom she proclaimed guilty of 'Witchcraft' to 'Being of the 'Synagogue of Satan' to being  'A gangster' out to Rape any and every Caucasian female that those African-American males can get their hands on' to even accusing the AAA           (American Automotive Association) of being paid off to break into her apartment and into rand sacking it--not to forget who or rather who is not worthy of being called Pastor, after all, she claimed to be the most Holy the most Righteous and only She could discern who was truly worthy of being called Pastor---everyone younger than 'Jane' first priority--according to 'Jane' was to bow down and worship her majesty - queendom authority as if she was worthy of glory, honor and praise--as if no one could come to Jesus except through her--as if the Holy Spirit had anointed her --- the lord goddess of wisdom!!!


I can only hope and pray that my ignorance can one day be forgiven. I am so sorry that I was too busy running around--working as many hours as I could trying to pay my bills with only a minimum wage job that did not pay over-time nor had any benefits, because when I was hired I was hired part-time and after months and months of unemployment. I failed to ask the proper questions, so it was all too easy to with hold information from me--God Forbid that These Holy Ghost Filled Christians voluntarily tell the truth.
If only I had the time and energy to stop and look and listen to what was happening around me, all of us who were used and abused in the name of Jesus, might not have suffered the injustices that were done in His name, but would have been treated fairly and justly--I could have and should have testified for Dan--I am so sorry that I failed to stop these Holy Ghost Filled Christians from pulling the wool over my eyes and from pulling off the worst Injustice one can imagine from ripping off employees to ripping off the Governments (City-State-Federal) , by dodging that taxes that businesses owe and by weaving a tale of woe to woo various customers into being an unknown ally to cheating the Government and employee of all Government assistance that working for an honest company would have been--should have been an employee right.